The Importance of " just be" Meditation

Dear Magicians and Seekers

I know if you are a busy magician or seeker you do rituals and practices here and there looking for progress and succes some achievements

But holdup

Some of you dont know where to stop working or to take a rest so.

If you want even still get some progress in rest time i suggest to you to do this simple sounding meditation .

“Just be” Meditation

I know how it sounds Cheesy right😂

But there IS more as it sounds.

Your mind your subcounces your soul it expresses and gets informations, filters it out as important or unimportant as your personality and your now fluid being.

And if you allways work and concentrate on something all the time or most of the time that is so called new or that isnt really now your you and consumes it everyday and keep in mind everytime you do it it isnt the same.

So go everyday if you can a step back or build this in your practices.

That your mind and being can embrase the new the old and the now in a resting and more counces aware pace.

Just sit down in a comforting meditative pose back straight your Breath should be the First 10 times used to calm down or how much or intense in sec of in hold and out breaths you like and can.

Than there should be just sillent slightly breathing.

Choose a mudra(hand pose) that is used to calm down the nerfes and being.

And just let your ideas your feelings Flow it doesnt matter if feelings of shame , anxiety, excitment, Anger, Lust, etc is conected to it in your world of mind .

Dont hold on to them or as long it takes for you just watch it just engage in it in matter of flow and continuety .

With progressing time of just being in a non judging matter of your inner mind self being and self. Oft just accepting and embrasing your so called good and Bad your neutral
with time it will get faster and faster it will get lighter and lighter you will Feel freeer. You will realise how fluid and non consistent everything is and even your self your being.

Thus i call it fluid self and being it changes constantly in different scales of speed and impact.

What remains is calmnes and inner peace you get rest and energy and you will be in a awarenes of be in a sense even to feel your core the soul.

It is how i judge it beautyfull.

Your achievements will flow more to you since you yourself flows to more with the inner and outer self and non selfs.

What are your toughts and practices in this :blush::black_circle::small_red_triangle::white_circle:


Very nice I struggle with not thinking and just being. I am learning to trust life and flow. :slight_smile:

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Yes as spiritual Aspirant it is truly important to learn and accept nature as it is and its natural laws.

That practice to root oneself in the now is very rewarding in a sence that your concentration can be really build high up.


It is a natural habbit.

It is a Good tool and ability to watch oneslefs thinking matter and program that runs deep in our spirit and subcounces and than to delve deep into it and with such meditative and ritualistic practices to transform and refine it into your spiritual developments.

You develop and cultivate with time more free will because you are more aware what generally you are doing and can councesly interrupt or interact with and in it to change it than to your will.

And sometimes certain circumstances it is good to accept it first than come one with internalize it neutralize it and than polarize it into your ideal reality or manifestation.

As i see it and practice it

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Can you please mention an example on how to do this? :slight_smile:

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Yes of course

The easyest method is, the just be Meditation because with time in just being in the present and thus in your present energy. It automaticly neutralizes or lessens your polarized energys because you dont partake that much in your mental constructions of ideas who are mostly dominantly in one dircetion of negative or positive polarised. You just keep watching them and let them flow trough your very being and just be in that flowing state of being.

Because a being and his charakter is ever bound to change because it is a product of elements thus just let them be without a Intention of interuption and you will see how naturaly it goes to a balanced state with time in practice of that.

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I excuse i was for a long time not online i suppose.

Well you as a magician who hast practiced to first neutralize it. You must be aware it is like a restart.

You can begin to polarize it again trough your Rituals and your set goals . Just learn to pin point your awarenes and concentration in that direction where your goals can be kultivated to a archievement.

But sometimes archievement isnt that important.
But the way to your archievement it is.

And after all that.

The way will be the goal and the way is the goal.

My opinion on that is that you will realise it with time what i have set. Maybe you have allready or not it doesnt matter.

Everybody has a different pace of speed generaly speaking in every matter.

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I am so sorry just saw your responses did not get notified for some reason :scream:

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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No Problem .
It isnt a offense really.
I myself because of my workings am not that much online here so it isnt a big deal.

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