The Hows, the Whys, the Whens, the Dos and the Don'ts of Magickal War

[quote=“Sevarn304, post:20, topic:2708”]If you need some house cleaning done, I’m always bored. Besides, I’m working on my defenses. Soon enough I won’t be that easy to crack.

Anyway, I’m waving my sign NOW for a reason. I personally seem to ascend faster if I absorb something. This generally comes from killing. So I’ve administered a challenge to anything that wants a piece. Why? Because it’s in my nature, and I can get more out of it I take out an entity and absorb it’s knowledge than try and work with it.

If you attract more riff raff that you don’t want to deal with, send it my way. I’m never not hungry for more.

I’ve not made crazy things, but I’ve sure as hell done crazy things. Is there a difference in an infinite reality? Who knows.

When I’ve had my fill I’ll put my sign away, but until then I’ll let the prey come to me. You who strike from the shadows benefit from secrecy, but I can’t keep my mouth shut. Not yet, at least.

Besides, who knows if I am attracting things from your defenses? I might be attracting a bunch of random spirits for all I know.

I’ve experienced a much more varied and personal growth after combat with entities, so that’s why I seek it out. And besides, if you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been working on your defenses? I’ve got some tune ups to make, and it’s out of curiosity.[/quote]

Well my defenses are pretty specialized some of my defenses are spirits that I have come across in one way or another, another is things I have engineered and I also have some protective talismans.

I don’t really have anything concrete to think that some of the things your attracting were originally trying to get at me, its just a gut feeling. Also its not like we didn’t have this disscussion before, if you recall I offered to let you have a go at some of these, and even offered to build you a portal to their realms awhile ago, maybe they noticed that. I didn’t build the portal, but if you put information out there, it will sometimes attract attention.

Thanks for your portal idea, but no thanks. I’ll find my way to realms, I don’t want to be followed!

I like trusting my gut, so…

We DID have this discussion before. But now I’m quite a bit stronger.

PM me on how you found them/ they found you?

I didn’t try to contact what was in the dream, but the original post on here had me instantly recall all of those experiences. I do truly want to contact that being since it does come every once in a great while by itself trying to get me to make a pact. Still learning evocation and haven’t been able to astral project in awhile.

I like that mantra. Mantras can work through different levels of consciousness. That is a technique that is used, kind of like following a string, the string of the mantra, in and out of different mind states. If you keep going with it you can gain memory of the deep mind non dream states, memory of falling asleep, waking up, etc. which are normally blocked from the conscious mind.

Tanks,man 4 posted ya zperience,and tools,here in my city. A lady atacked my friend,she is a indian follower,work whit light,she try getting ganesha tatto,etc,suck,skiny,abd ewfusing to say who curse her,ya knw karma,etc,she get betwr whit the seales of salomon.blesed by a pkwweful magician,she ia hapy now,healty,progress,from death,to living life at full.tanks to salomons seals,3,:). I saw the change myself,

Zorrito: Your friend won’t say who cursed her? You can probably just find that out yourself. I think.

Anyway, confirmation from Nidhogg- he discerned that the spirit in question was a king of some kind, though he can’t get much more from it because of some strange “self-destructive internal intent mission” given to it.

There truly is something in this mantra which does cause a trance like state.My new born baby woke up last night and was fussing so I decided to sing something soothing to her.I sang the Om namah shiva mantra and she became quiet and slept happily.
But the wierd thing is that my husband asked me what I was chanting in my sleep all two hours until I woke up again to feed her.

There is a certain comfort in the darkness of these mantras and there is healing too for the black magician who is already struggling for ascent.