The Holy grail /alchemy

The holy grail. What is it? Symbolic of dual nature? What is the abomantion of self? The reflection of duality? Sense of dignity lost between the two worlds delve between the two pillers.

Godhood I believe, I could be wrong though, haven’t done much research on the Holy Grail

I actually read that the Holy Grail, if it is a chalice like many people think it is, could be a metaphor for a woman or the divine feminine. So maybe a connection with alchemical mercury?

In Thelema the goddess Babylon holds it and asks the magician to submit their ego and she puts it into the cup. It mixes with the blood of saints and the magician emerges changed and complete.

It seems like submission to divine feminine as well as she is described as loving as well. That she wishes for the magician to submit to her out of love for her and not the self. Going by the idea that true gnosis comes from the ability to love something other than the self. To let go of ego at the realization there is something other than self.


thanks for posting this :slight_smile:

She’s also called Babalon and you might find for information on her by searching with this name.

The book: The Red Goddess, amazing book actually. Realy lets you know the importance of synchronizing ritual with your everyday life and lets you know that magic can simultaneously run with your mundane life.

It talks extensively about the goddess Babalon and the biblical lore behind her.

She’s an awesome goddess, the apostle John was obsessed with her, the poor puny human, he was too scared of his own sexuality and the power behind it and Babalon exploited that :slight_smile: