The Holographic Afterlife - Your Afterlife Is Just Like An Egregore!

Magick… Space… Creation… Gods… some of the world’s greatest mysteries. Throughout time humankind has been fascinated by the unknown. Hours are spent pondering questions such as how was everything created? What lies within space we are yet to explore? Some spend their entire lives trying to answer such questions. Yet of all of these bold questions there is one that has ruled mankind’s thirst to know for as long as our history goes back… this question is the afterlife. What happens when we die?

Every culture, every tribe, every civilization and people have had a strange fascination with death. From the simplicity of the Christian Heaven and the Buddhist Nirvana, all the way to the complex afterlife’s such as the Egyptians or the Vikings. Thousands of funeral rites and death rituals. Traditions and religions formed around the ending of precious life. Each of these traditions have created a vast ocean of possibilities for the answer on death… yet in each and every one, there is a common element. This common element is that it is not a question of what happens when we die… but rather where we go. The great thirst to know the afterlife has been centred around the where rather than the what… and that alone is an interesting thought to ponder. It would seem humankind is certain that it will go somewhere… but where?

In all honesty, I have no solid answer to that question… and for any bold enough to chase the answer they shall surely find themselves at the point of no return to the living. In my theories on reality, we live in a holographic universe that we ourselves create. Much like S.Ben Qayin’s idea of a consensual reality matrix. The answer for myself is simple. Reality is a created illusion… and as such… so is death.

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”- The Kybalion

I have always been a lover of Hermeticism, in my early years in the occult I experimented and tested their principles to find very hard truths in terms of magick. It has formed the foundation to all of my work… it is here my eye on reality is fixed. The Law of Vibration. It embodies the concept that there is no such thing as rest, as dead or non-motion and that everything is constantly in motion. There is no such thing as true or absolute rest and as such if something is in existence then it is in motion. Nowhere in the universe does there exist something that is at complete rest. At the most fundamental level, the universe and everything which comprises it (including people, thoughts, words, emotions etc.) is at its core, pure vibratory energy manifesting itself in different ways. This includes not only the seen but the unseen also.

To really understand this law, it is essential to understand one thing. Everything is energy, and science through quantum physics has shown us this. Everything in the universe is vibrating at a frequency, different things having different frequencies. In this sense, we are living in an energetic sea which we call the universe and we are all connected through that one thing (energy). Everything has its own frequency and all of it is governed by this law of vibration.

Reality in its simplest form is energy in states of vibration. It is the literal building blocks of every single thing in existence. To look at it from the most simplistic view reality is only a frequency in which we do not detect directly to in its base form but rather interpret and form into three-dimensional reality based on our own minds, both individually and collectively.

The reality that we experience is the energetic frequencies that we have decoded. Like a radio our minds tune into to the certain frequencies and project that into a three-dimensional reality. In many ways, our universe is much alike a virtual reality.

Three-dimensional reality is an illusion. We take that vibrational information and through our minds or consciousness depending on how you want to view it we project an interpreted reality which we experience in this three-dimensional way… in many ways we literally create our reality. If you break down and look at an atom, the majority of that atom is empty space. It has no solidity; how can you create a solid world out of something that is not solid? The answer is simple, it is not solid. This alone is enough to put it all in perspective for me.

But what does this mean for the afterlife? My own theory is that if we create the three-dimensional reality that we are in; because all things are energy and all energy is empty space. Then the afterlife works in the same way. We literally create that reality ourselves. In this way all possibility exists, every single afterlife exists and is possible for us to manifest it.

“Every Tradition is Right… But no tradition is collectively true”– Asbjorn Torvol

Every single afterlife you can think of exists somewhere. How we manifest that afterlife I believe is quite simple. It is a matter of certainty. The Christian who is certain he will go to heaven will create it himself. The Norse Pagan who is certain he will go to Valhalla will create it. It is a matter of attention. The more thought, energy, belief, certainty we put into an idea of our own afterlife the more we indirectly lay out the building blocks. There is no true answer. In this sense, every religion, tradition, culture and belief is right… but none of them are the “true” way. To take another perspective, every afterlife is an egregore.

Additionally, with such a wide possibility available to us all, the magician can in turn tap into these different afterlives and explore them. Much like astral projection if these possibilities exist then the possibility to explore them must also exist. This is where my own love for necromancy and shamanism has come into play. My love for peering through the veil and walking through the gates of death to meet with what lies beyond.


Personally I’m of the view, the light tunnel is rebirth, reincarnation, the vesica pieces, the flow er of life, birth canal, the eye ball, the all seeing eye. Going to the light is coming back to this 3d plane again, I’m on my last incarnation now, I’ve had enough and I want to go home, there’s no more karmic repercussions affecting me, I’ve no more debts to pay, I’m ascending and nothing is going to stop me brother.


I, too, am a big fan of theoretical physics and the simulation theory. I agree and believe with everything you wrote except for one logical fallacy at the end. You said that we go where we choose in the afterlife. We manifest our own reality. But would not the same rules apply to the afterlife as the do to this life, meaning that most people need to agree on what that reality is? Since most of humanity believes in heaven and hell, aren’t we fucked? We are all going to hell for sure lol.

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Yup, this is more or less what I think. it would explain why people when they experience clinical death go to places and see people (or figures such as those from Christianity for example) they want to see.

Good read.

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Choosing isn’t always deliberate or conscious :wink: We can choose/decide things without consciously doing that. I would however agree with you in that last statement. But its not about believe in something, its about having a level of belief/certainty on where you will go. Focus = reality, etc


I think the white light is an organized trap to force your soul to reincarnate over and over.

Sources :


But my reality still has to fit within the confines that the collective consciousness has agreed upon. With that in mind, I could see how if everyone has agreed there is a heaven and hell, perhaps many of us can choose to go to the fun party hell? :grin:

I say all of this just because it seems logical to me. I am trying to use deduction to follow the same laws as manifestation/reality on earth. The truth is don’t even agree with it one way or another because at times I have felt a knowing, intuitively, that your hypothesis is really how it all works. So many people are blabbing on about heaven/hell/reincarnation and I always think to myself “Okay, believe that crap if you want… I’m not doing that shit. I’m going home.”

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Yes, the combined effects of mass co-creation, combined with belief and strong emotion, I see what you’re saying (I think!) - one way to “dodge” hell is to do shamanic exercises which are about travelling to the moment of your own death, and seeing what “realities” may await you (as things stand) then seeing what, if anything, you need to change.

Spirits, issues of their external reality etc aside, can also assist at this stage, and a pact should IMO contain a clause about your process for existing after death, whatever you personally choose (there’s no one best thing) - mine is a specific kind of rebirth, other people will want different things. :thinking:

JMO there, I have wandered the same shamanic path and also appreciate The Kybalion as a definitive manual for metaphysics, and they left me with somewhat similar conclusions to Asbjorn on this.

If people have mass-created a Hell realm that is set to magnetically attract a certain kind of soul, rituals of liberation from religious bindings, of embracing the fire and refusing to experience it as torment (something already examined in what’s called shamanic dismemberment journeying, in which spirits perform a ritual to strip your astral body with knives, claws, or fire, in order to cleanse and give you fresh energy), and aligning with different belief systems entirely, should break any magnetic link.

Finally the existence of the psychopomp role, found in many cultures and often undertaken by the shaman, indicates people experience spirits of the deceased getting “stuck,” and wandering lost or remaining bound to one location, so again this suggests that transit to after-death planes and states isn’t as streamlined and inevitable as we expect, although there’s also the issue of people creating egregores at “haunted” sites - but that’s a digression!

We’ve done a lot of this kind of work and often people are just confused and lack the magnetic certainty of belief to carry them to a specific destination. :thinking:


Aaaahh yes, that is what I was missing— that there is not just one reality in the after life because it won by popular vote. Although, I do feel that there IS one(ish) reality on earth BECAUSE it has won by popular vote. It is ever changing but still, the sky isn’t purple for half the humans and blue for the other half. There is one reality of the sky and it is blue because we all agreed it is blue…

So it’s different in the astral? I mean things are mire fluid there so it must be easier to change things…

Perhaps it is different because it is the infinite. It is the ALL POSSIBILITIES. Perhaps realities only get "stuck’ here because our frequency is so low on this dimension…


I think I figured it all out.
I am god.

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It could also be being sustained by the same (Source) “Mind” that inhabits living rocks, trees, plants, water, air… all things that you come to see as distinctive living beings using shamanic methods, and widely believed to be so in the oldest pre-agricultural cultures.

Angels, and ditching entirely any idea they work for “the troll god” of the monotheistic faiths, also seem to have a role to play as living co-creators of certain streams of reality, and are apparently known to different cultures in different ways (at least, that’s what Raphael told me, and my exp “as” the Angel of Lost Things seemd pretty universal).

The Egyptians for example had a concept of Ma’at (also a goddess) which held the order of things, and yet they didn’t deny not just the POWER of Set, lord of chaos and transgression, but also that he was an essential part of everything, which is similar to my UPG that there’s a “clockwork reality” which runs along specific lines, BUT can tend towards stagnation, and the essential Ahrimanic or chaotic, rule-free, current that brings the spark of consciousness and true creativity.

Both matter, and actually seeing them as a create > maintain (clockwork, Ma’at, Order), and destroy > create (Ahriman, Set, chaos) cycle, fits with the idea living minds create reality - there would NEED to be a function to sustain it, and a function to erase the old forms created that no longer serve a purpose (kind of like Stephen King’s Langoliers idea in one of his short stories).

JMO!! :blush:


I’m currently working on an idea that expresses this notion and combines it with Simulation Theory, as well as the points that we can create A.I. and thoughtforms… It’s a jumble still but I should be able to express it soon :slight_smile:
It’s a little seed that has been growing in my from all of my LSD and DMT experiences… looking at all those little molecules smiling at me, so happy that I can see them lololol. It’s going to make sense. Promise.


Reminds me of EA’s Lake of Fire :fire: ritual. And exactly how I will use it

Wouldn’t something like astral projection give someone enough insight as where we go in the afterlife ? I haven’t willingly been successful with astral projection myself, it’s something I’m still trying to master but I feel like enough AP experiences would give me some clues as to where we go.

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I’m at the same point myself. I want this to be my last life here on earth. I want to go home, serve my purpose as an angelic being to help guide and protect. Or just chill with my friends and fam hahaha

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If we continue down this path of valuing human life and consciousness above all else while dogmatically believing in a materialistic existence, eventually we will be stuck with human consciousnesses in proprietary robot bodies controlled by the government, who will decide if we have a “license” to walk around and how long before our “parts wear out” that we can’t replace. Some people seem to like this idea and call it “trans-humanism” but they haven’t really thought it through very well, there is no reproduction, just a bunch of “dead” people trapped in robot bodies who are so afraid of “death” they put up with this kind of hell/limbo cause they are so afraid of non-existence. I was there cause Astaroth took me there on my trip through hell. In that hell all the “live” people are already dead cause they were killed by a virus.

Now, this whole idea is very hellish because you have this huge body/consciousness mismatch that makes it awful on top of a form of slavery.

Yeah, I was shamanicly dismembered
The burning in the oven fire was terrifying, and I had these long burnt mismatched limbs. I wish people would realize this stuff is real and they need to pay more attention to where they are going in the afterlife instead of the above follies.

Yeah, and some people can see into the astral realities and think they are the “real” ones. I’m still dealing with people’s astral “doublegangers” aka doppelgangers that I realize some other people can see and/or sense, but most people cannot. (and I also normally cannot see them either) This is a problem of diplomacy that I believe Astaroth wants me to fix.

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