The Holiest of All Mantras

I was curious about this one so i did it to see what will happen.I was expecting to feel energy on way or another but this particular mantra wasn’t like that.
Some seconds after the chanting i felt a shift in my whole beeing and it wans’t energetic.It was more like an aura cleansing or something like that.All noises became very sharp,and i felt like i was in TGS.I went out for a walk beiing in absolute peace and tranquility but i could hear evrything much more louder in my ears and i can say it wasn’t so pleasant.One lady was next to me speaking on her phone and i could hear her words vibrating inside my ears.After an hour the whole thing was much more enjoyable and stable and i went for a walk in the town.

hekau 718,take a look in the music thread