The hidden origins of. 'll separatio

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I don’t think you guys are familiar with 'll separatio
So here’s an a description on him.

Throughout history a large number of books have been banned only because they contained various uncomfortable truths or tales. Such books have been systematically hunted down and destroyed by representatives of the church or the state. Some copies have even been poisoned, thus giving the books a reputation of being cursed, as those who read them ended up dying due to the fatal poisons. Such was the case of books mentioning or telling tales about the entity known as Il Separatio

The Bible mentions the following passage: “God said, ‘Let there be light’, and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness”. According to legend, this separation between light and darkness took the form of an entity known as Il Separatio meaning “The Separation

This entity was regarded as being neither good, nor evil. Instead, it represented perfect and absolute neutrality. As this legend placed the third entity midway between God and the Devil, the medieval church did not want people to begin to wonder which entity is the strongest—God or Il Separatio.

Il Separatio provided a third option, one not recognized by the church. According to the teachings of the church, good people went to Heaven and bad people were destined for Hell. In the catholic case, should the situation have been unclear, the person ended up in Purgatory. If the individual did good deeds in Purgatory, then he or she progressed to Heaven. If the person was bad, then he or she went to Hell. All was very simple until Il Separatio entered the equation

This entity could claim the people who had done just as much good as they had sinned. So, when a person has done exactly as many good deeds as bad deeds, then that person was said to belong to Il Separatio.

1.So what do you guys think about 'll separatio.
2. Have you heard of him or have you invoked or evoked him before.
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@bfields5 Firstly, let me start off by saying that from a Necromancer’s perspective the whole Christian idea of the afterlife is mostly complete nonsense. It’s more complicated than good people going to Heaven, and bad people going to Hell. The essential theoretical idea is that after you die you go to wherever you’ve dedicated your soul to in life. That’s why there are so many stories of Christians coming back from Heaven after a Near Death Experience. That’s what they served in life, and that’s what they serve in death. Being a good person has very little to do with it. People who haven’t clearly dedicated their soul to any force (atheists, and people without much sincere faith) are free game essentially. Up for taking by any being who wants to. There are special situations of course. If you are killed by a curse, then your soul will most likely belong to whichever demon or entity killed you. Those killed by Necromancy have been known to be twisted into horrible monstrosities in death. The possibilities in the afterlife are endless. It’s not really about good and evil. It’s much, much more complicated than that.