The headaches

Good day everyone. Is there someone can help me, after getting my godself’s name, im always feel the headaches. Sometimes its in the left part of my forehead sometimes its in right. Is there anyone can tell me whats happening on me? Thanks…

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It’s probably not related. It’s too soon to say. Get enough water and sleep, take some asprin and chill out for a bit. You’ll be fine.


Thanks but its already a month since this happens

Then you need to rule out mundane causes and get it checked by a Doctor first.

There’s no reason I’m aware of that would explain why getting your godself’s name would give you headaches.

Have you tried doing a divination or scanned yourself?

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Yout third eye might be coming out. It should intensify (as you sleep or whenever its active just focus and you’ll see visions.) If you cold turkey your practice it will stop.


When I first started magick specially summoning, I used to get headaches mostly on one side of forehead as well , I think it’s the energies trying to balance and eventually it went away !


Nah i dont know how to do a scan honestly

Did you do anything specific? Or they just disappear on their own

Nah gone by itself , I still sometime get it when I do long evocations