The Guardian Revealed

Been another interesting day for me, one of those where I have strange visions and the spirits around me are eager to talk. You may have heard me mention I have a guardian who has been with me since birth and many times I have asked him his name and he never would tell me. he kept saying it’s not important, just know that I am always close by if you need me.

First of all my main familiar, the one I work with almost daily, wants to introduce himself.

His name is Aiyrn.

His name is pronounced like I-wren
The word “I” and then word “wrench” minus the “ch” on the end
NOT like Aaron!

We were having a convo and he was telling me about the vibration thing I posted on earlier and I went off topic and got a little pushy and said I’m tired of my guardian keeping his name from me and his true identity I want to know this info right fucking now!

Just then, my familiar says a word in Latin. I look up the meaning online and it leads me to a series of other websites about one of the 9 kings of hell and a bunch of other shit I have to keep secret but then I keep being lead to info on the same demon so I finally evoke that demon in my mind as we have a very strong link and I say, was this what Aiyrn was trying to tell me? Are you my guardian?

I knew it was possible to have a demon as a guardian and to have one there with you since birth but this demon (one of the 9 kings) told me himself he is my guardian. I thought they were too busy to be someones guardian? But if this is possible then it would explain why, the first time I evoked this demon he came right away and his presence makes me feel as if I’ve known him my whole life so if he really is my guardian those feelings make sense.

All the other demons I’ve evoked it took at least 5-10 minutes to evoke them but the one who claims to be my guardian is the only one that came to me right away the first time I evoked him. And he asked me to do something very big for him a few weeks ago, something that will benefit us both in due time but it will take several months of devotion to accomplish it.

I have always been comfortable around this particular demon since day 1 of meeting him face to face. So is this possible? or am I being delusional? Just had to step back for a sec and evaluate myself because I want to make sure I’m not dreaming this up.

By the way, another recent accomplishment is that King Paimon officially gave me the “okay” to call him just Paimon from now on because I show him respect in other ways so he said I don’t need to call him king unless I want to.

Another by the way; if my writing seems a little diff. tonight sorry about that, not really sure what’s up with that but something is a little off with me (in a good way). I feel good right now, enjoying myself, and working on projects I’ve been putting off for a few weeks (catching up on my to-do list) so either way I don’t care because I’m doin what I need to be. Aiyrn puts his energy into me sometimes to give me a booster for ideas and concentration which feels slightly like possession but it’s just his energy so sometimes my words come out funny on here when he’s with me like this.

As I’ve said before, I don’t believe in delusion. I believe that your interactions are unique and wholly real. Congratulations on finding the identity of your guardian.

So your guardian is Paimon, you think?

Yes, but I have never heard anyone else mention one of the 9 kings as a guardian. I really would have figured they are far too preoccupied to assign themselves to someone like that. That’s why I was asking if this is common because it seems unusual to me.

But just a minute ago, he said “You are so stubborn, I knew you would keep persisting on a name like a leech thirsting after blood.”

Thank you and it’s good to know (so far) that at least one person does not think I’m crazy. But apparently I underestimated the power of omnipresence. I guess even the busiest spirits can still make time for things like this, since they have no real concept of time or locations like we do.

This pic (above) is something Aiyrn drew thru me. It’s not really a sigil but he says it represents him. I have no clue what the vampiric bat-like wings are for. Or maybe they’re dragon wings? Still have so much to uncover with him.

It’s absolutely possible, they’re not like us - one consciousness locked in a spacetime focal point.

I have always been comfortable around this particular demon since day 1 of meeting him face to face. So is this possible? or am I being delusional? Just had to step back for a sec and evaluate myself because I want to make sure I'm not dreaming this up.

Nope, I don’t think you’re delusional.

You’re too consistent, and delusions are usually about the effect, not the facts or names the delusion spins out, so they shift courses - one week the delusional person is the son of Pan, that’s why they’re fabulous, next week they forget that entirely and are an alien hybrid designed to take over the planet, the week after that they’re the next incarnation of Krishna or something.

They never have any kind of core stability because they’re trying to create an internal feeling of being good enough against a background of raoring inferiority/superiority complexes, and not simply relaying facts they received from an external consciousness.

Also, you don’t come across as a barrage of bluster glossing over deep insecurity, which is anothet tell-tale sign someone might be a little bit detached from reality.

All of us on here are probably a little bit unhinged by the mundane world’s standards, and I think that’s because sane, rational, well-adjusted people who fit into the mainstream of society don’t find they have a problem, and immediately think “Imma evoke a demonic King to fix this”!

They get a loan, or see a doctor or something, something DULL… :wink:

All this is JUST my own opinion of course, very generalised, and it’s not meant to offend anyone! :slight_smile:

Aiyrn puts his energy into me sometimes to give me a booster for ideas and concentration which feels slightly like possession but it's just his energy so sometimes my words come out funny on here when he's with me like this.

SWEET! :smiley:

I LOVE things like this, people having their own quantum leaps, I live for them in my own life and feel privileged to be here right now and seeing more people having the same.

Hmm…yestereve the crescent moon was in the sky.

The reason I mention this,is because several months ago,I channeled Djehuty,and you asked about this guardian.ANd he said not to worry,the guardian will reveal himself,some time on a night of the crescent moon.

Isn’t that proof enough? :o But,I understand your PM,and I will heed your request,and ask King Paimon about it.This should be very fun!

Also one of my main guardians is Thoth,the god who’s allegedly too busy to bother running the world,and so he gives all that power to Ra to have enough time to focus on his magnum opus,so I don’t think business counts.

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It’s my theory that some spirits became so “big” - reputation, attributes, etc - precisely because they were intimately connected to a lot of people, and not in spite of it, that they’re boosted by this and not trying to multi-task and failing, like a human would with too many calls on their attention.

The more people they “have,” the greater their power.

Which came first is an open question, maybe even different for different spirits.

Okay, good replies. The reason I was asking these strange questions is because I realize my statements could come across as just being arrogant, because I’ve known a few nut jobs that claimed to have all the most well known spirits within their personal legion of Happy Demonic Tree Friends and it was just obvious they were not right in the head. And I realized the only time I’ve ever heard it mentioned was from one of those crazies so I felt kinda weird posting this because that is not the image I want to portray for myself.

I remember that now Arcane about the crescent moon, and it was a crescent shape last night. I just wonder why he waited so long to reveal this? Did he think it just wasn’t important enough to share until I needed to hear it most? Because I literally was like quit hiding shit from me and tell me who he is and Aiyrn just kept saying “Nine” but I figured it out thru some strange leads.

I have mentioned Sorceress Cagliostro on these boards before. She names her guardian demon simply as “Nine”. Then again, she advises folk to " throw out the grimoires" and the demons she is familiar with are certainly not names I have heard anywhere else. Her whole attitude to demons and also disincarnate spirits seems very different from EA Koetting’s, which is why I really would like to see or hear the 2 of them hash it out.
Mental health professionals, UGH, don’t get me started! They are WAY too quick to throw ANYTHING that is not in their science books in the, “You’re crazy, you need medication!” shit pile! They push people into “support groups” like GROW, who teach them to disregard their feelings. Some years ago, I was majorly broken down by drug addiction and depression. I was talked into embarking upon a “GROW Community” rehab and it was akin to a fucking cult! VERY limited contact with the outside world, stupid rules, for their own sake and that’s just the beginning. Residents were encouraged to study and internalise the “GROW Program” as Xtians are The Bible. Long term residents were programmed alright! They could rattle it off word for fucking word! I so wanted to say to these people, “Very impressive! You’ve memorised that well, but how do you really feel? Or what do you really think, since you seem convinced that feelings are bad?” I couldn’t get out of there fast enough!
I think one only needs to look at Russell Crowe’s character in “A Beautiful Mind”. He was talking to imaginary people, so they put him on meds and subsequently took away his wonderful gift. I have personal experience of what certain meds, particularly antidepressants can do to creativity. End of soapbox rant, though I could go on at length!
For what it’s worth, Raven, I don’t think you’re crazy. One thing that struck me about your YT videos is how down to earth you seem to be. There have only been one or two on these boards, that I have had concerns about. I just hope they are able to sort things out, before those “kind, caring” mental health professionals get involved, UGH!