The Grimoire Of Legions from the BoA

Quick question.To make contact with the Nethers do you first have to contact Azazel for some sort of permission,or do Nethers only come to those that Azazel has given them to permission to?

Thanks for any experienced advice my Dark (and Light) Brothers and Sisters!

From my personal experience, you do not have to contact Azazel first. I worked with Ant’harratu without doing it and I didn’t have any problem.

If you don’t mind me asking.Does Ant’harratu work in someone’s life described in the BoA?Did your life turn upside down then miraculously become what you wanted?

Not really. I got what I asked, 48 hours after the evocation, but there wasn’t any dramatic change. The rest of my life was not affected.

I think every experience as being subjective and personal, for example, my experience with several entities from the workbook grimoire (Mastering Evocation video lesson) has not been so powerful as I HOPED it be, I am speaking about getting tangible and solid succsess in the material world, I am not speaking about goetic mysticism (subjective omnipotence, feeling the power of the servitors or obtaining promises or initiatory titles from demons, I have not time to games). Traditional entities (Goetia, Grimorium Verum, or the entities from Franz Bardon) have worked very well to me, I have been broken and suddenly I got money, I was unemployed and I got a job, this is real power for me! and if a spirit is not working to me, then this spirit don´t exist to me( it can exist in the subjective universe of other magician, but if it not work; it not exist in my universe) , it is as easy, so a simple thing!, no mental masturbation to me. if the spirit has work for me, the most I work with it , the more"solid" in my life and universe seem the power of the spirit.

Where can I find a copy of the Grimorium Verum? Does it contain angels AND demons?

It contains entities.

Usually just search ‘bookname’ + PDF.