The Grey Magick Path

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Is there a reason, or any reasons, why a person cannot travel the path of Grey magick, especially when it comes to the point of working with lodges? Why or why not?



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It would probably depend on what the lodges expected of you, and how you define Grey Magick. I’m pretty much aligned with what Timothy said on this topic, personally:

But some people find ways to make this work, so possibly, it would come down to how far your own sticking points conflicted with the lodge, and what compromises or evasions you were willing to make to accomodate this.


Timothy looks cross eyed in that pic he should not look directly at the camera.


Goddamit lol.

Tbh honesty wasn’t a good example. Really Im honest sometimes other times I’ll straight up lie to your face, like everyone else.


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Male magician catfight NOW!

Imagine a female on here saying something like that about one of the female authors… we’d never hear the end of it! :smile:


Well, as a grey sorcerer, I mix certain material from different paths. In terms of a guideline, I take from laveyan satanism and other paths and pick and choose what I follow, creating a loose guideline (it’s really not impossible) just take what you want from certain paths.


Yeah but when men do it it’s to be genuinely constructive and helpful. This is all coming from a professional film maker so it’s not meant to be an insult. Timothy knows I work in this industry and he knows how I think. He also knows I love this place and only want for it’s improvement. Trust me it’s cool. He knows I love him. :wink:


I was only teasing - I’d reply some more but fear taking this further off topic, and in a very bizarre direction at that! :heart_eyes:

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A Grey Magickian is a halfass black trying to keep a shred of Good so they can feel moral and have something to return them to the religion of their childhood say Christianity.

Yes I said halfass and I will say it to any magickians face.

We are not here to be alladin and find the magick lamp. We are to here to rip our Godhood back from “THE LIE” and be GODS.

Throw away the blue pill and red pill both.
Take the black pill.

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No, you’re incorrect.

What “grey magic” is, is simply practicality- yes, you work for yourself. Yes, you work for others. But it’s not like a “one size fits all” sort of scenario, and grey magicians usually charge for the work they do for other people, in some form or another.

What’s “half assed” is the failure to recognize the inherent balance in all things, between light and dark- black and white are just two sides of the same coin. Why choose a side when you can have both?

It goes beyond moralistic concepts, as balance is a feature of reality. In this world, things are ever shifting in the quest to achieve balance, which is done by placing oneself between light and dark.

You have two hands.

Why not use both?

Good luck with that.

Godhood, and eternity, don’t need to be “ripped” back from anything. They weren’t inherent qualities within that were banished by time and civilization.

These have always been mysteries that the self must uncover. Just because you attach a different string of words over it doesn’t mean the general idea has changed. There have always been, and will always be, obstacles to people taking up the Arts- unlike common belief, magic isn’t for everyone.

The number of people who will reach the level of attainment you seek will always be small. No matter what sweeping societal changes or population booms affect us, no matter the level of saturation in the daily media of occult principles- sure, sometimes the few and talented get inspired by and connect with what they read or see.

The drive to become an adept isn’t enough.

You either get there, or you wobble in weakness and dabbling.

Slant it however you want, there are only two kinds of sorcerers in this world.

Power comes in all walks of life. Black, white, grey, yellow, red- who cares what color it is?

Who needs pills?

Sit down, do the work, and you’ll be just fine either way.


Gee for a world that sought balance it is pretty fucked up.

Why do I have two hands… To shoot two pistols or choke a dumbfuck who gets in my way. One handed choking is only effective against penises.


Yes, it is.

That imperfect nature- that incessant struggle- is a founding force of this world.

Life is pain. We each interpret and use it different ways.


@DrknessNC I don’t really see why anyone would care what path someone else is on. Sure a pure Left Hand Path practitioner is a hell of a lot smarter than a pure Right Hand Path practitioner but ultimately, the paths are malleable. You make them what you want to (less so for RHP fluff bunnies). I’m Left Hand Path but I lean middle. Most people end up doing this once they’ve had some experience.


Grey, white, black…? This is similar to when people argue about ego. Using the same words to define diferent concepts and objects.


I love that idea but why stop there? How about “shove the guy peddling pills and eat the beef enchilada instead?”

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I know some RHP lodges don’t favor people who’ve been involved in black magic. Some, a
few, not all.
I am not sure about LHP lodges, some I’ve browsed seem dead set on worship of some entities.
I guess the LHP would be more open to the needs of working with LHP entities, though doesn’t seem likely they would be hip to working with all entities.
There are other paths, right?

@FraterMagni, @anon68160656, a bit to think about, some good points.

Balg should hire me to do thier video announcements. Yimmy isn’t very convincing when he sounds like the extra special second cousin to the Borg

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