“The greatest Secret” revisited

So I came across this post from a while ago. He talked about the Great secret of Lucifer, yet said he would only share in dms. I have posted this link below and was hoping that those who have experience with Lucifer could share this mystery as well as the other secrets Lucifer teaches, such as aura manipulation (to become very seductive), and influencing thoughts of others. Usually he teaches techniques or words of power for these skills. Here is the link: The greatest secret

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The only secret I found no one will agree with so I don’t talk about it…secret for a reason. U want the secrets or something from Lucifer, evoke and speak to him for yourself. Don’t use human beings with claims as a go between for power, or knowledge…they will mess u up, even if its not intentional…


Sounds like some anime shit , attack on titan power , too good to be true lol

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I will be willing to listen to them. Pm me