The Greatest Electrical Force Ever Discovered


When you read an article about a black hole spitting lightning for distances longer than the Milky Way itself, one has to think “how the hell do we use this”.

And science, being science, realizes it can’t access this due to it being galaxies away.

But we, as sorcerers, have something else to say.

This thing is quite possibly the greatest physical energy source, and may be a gate for the Source itself. With power like this, one has to wonder just what can be done with it.

I posted this instead of keeping it a secret for a reason:

I think we could use this to supercharge Ascent. Why, you ask? Well, it generates about a trillion volts of electricity that extend about 50 percent longer than the Milky Way, end to end.

Also, we detected it’s electricity from about two billion light years away. Think about that for a second.

This monster has the potential to be the greatest thing in space for us to use, screw planetary magic! A black hole packing THIS much power? Imagine the implications! Imagine what could be inside if we ventured there through soul travel!

So, I want to assemble a team of sorts. A group that can decode this massive thing, and use it’s power. A group that may or may not be pioneering spatial magic. I don’t mean planetary, because such a group could attempt at using more than just planetary but nebula magic or other wild things.

I think space is a gateway, and if we can learn to harness it, we may jumpstart or enhance ourselves even further.

So, who will join me?

Wow, that’s… big. I am SO frikkin’ tempted but I have a whole load of stuff to explore already, but I really hope some people here get stuck into this and post awesomeness!!

I should make astral sigils and send em into that thing.

The only gate to the Source is yourself. More correctly, the enteric nervous system in your body.

The nervous system’s electrical in nature though - and, “as above, so below” and all that.

Our consciousness in its embodied form couldn’t exist without electricity, so if I was going to get involved in this, that correspondence would interest me the most.

Electromagnetic forces within our entire being.

The energy within that black hole must be so strong, so potent, and so energizing that we should see what kind of shit is going down in that thing.

What i’m thinking is that it somehow creates static electricity with something that was not quite destroyed entering the hole. Maybe a new element on the periodic table perhaps.

Well, like he said, it’s best explored by going there ourselves. Just look for the long lightning strikes. That would lead you straight there.

Hold my beer. I am so gonna jump into that.

I’m already planning a week long op soul traveling into it and working with it.

It looks INSANELY powerful, no?

This is nothing new. Masters have been using the Black Sun at the Heart of the Galaxy for a long, long time.

Is this the physical manifestation of the Black Sun, then?

I’m pretty poor at AP and not even close to ST, but I am definitely going to see if I can reach this. I could use a pick me up :slight_smile:

Made a mental connection with it, and WOOOOOO is it electric. It feels like static that’s inside of you, just waiting to break free.