The greater ritual of the lawn mowing

I am going to just spout my gnosis into my own thoughts on magick and how I have been able to find a way to get myself past being unsuccessful in my spiritual life.

My previous problems with magick were

  1. Not being able to preform physical rituals.
  2. Lack of confidence in my ability.
  3. The unrelenting thought that I haven’t been able to successfully do magick.
  4. The fear of success.

Upon much reflection as anyone who has the same personality type will know is almost all I do I have come to some revaluations that I wish to share.

Every action is in part an act of magick. Today this realization came to me while manifesting a shorter lawn (mowing). I was able to see the different things that are in essence magickal about this seemingly mundane activity. First it is a sacrifice. I was violently cutting living organisms and purposely leaving the dead flesh and life giving fluids to rot and decay on the ground. This allows essential nutrition for these plants to become infused into the soil and give life to the plants.

It is an act of banishment. I was banishing my wife’s anger, for not having mowed the lawn. Also I live in a community that has fines for having too long of a lawn. I was banishing an unwanted bill. Banishing the attention that an unkempt lawn would bring. It is a banishment of unwanted pests such as over populations of insects and small animals that are attracted by long vegetation.

It is an offering to the elements and nature spirits by facilitating the natural cycles of death and life. Also as I have worked in the lawn care industry for years I am careful to be sure to make sure that I am doing this in a way that makes the lawn thrive. Through my care and attention to it I honor the environment that I call my lawn.

It is a summoning of the attention that a well kept lawn brings. It is the summoning of a happier wife who intern is more likely to want sex more often. And I am sure that many women here will probably tell you the sexiest thing a husband can do is chores.

I took it a step further by thanking all the spirits involved in the creation of the technology that allows me to easily accomplish what in this day and age is a simple task. I also thanked all the spirits that have helped me have a lawn to take care of and be able to afford a nice lawnmower. It is only a basic gas engine pushmower but it sure beats having to use scissors.

Trough these thoughts I have realized that I preform successful magickal acts daily. I exert my will just to be able to move my body to accomplish my daily life. I am a magickal being.

By harnessing the magickal elements of mundane activities I am able to make any of them into a physical ritual that is more powerful for me than any elaborate ceremony that I am unable to do anyway. This brought the realization that I have been a successful sorcerer for 40 years. Quite a confidence boost.

It can also be used to form a ring of protection around the property. It can incorporate the use of labyrinths by the pattern that is mowed.


Would you mind performing the lawn mowing ritual on my lawn too? :smiley:

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Mine too?


I could try but not being able to do it in person may hinder the effectiveness of making the lawn shorter.


I call upon [ ] to empower this ritual. [ ] come! , [ ] come! , [ ] come!

I feel you presence. I thank you for heading my call.

I banishing all from me that would hinder me and this ritual. I banish all negative energy from me. I banish all procrastination from me. I banish all thoughts actions and feelings in me that prevent me from my desires.

I summon to me the life I want to live. I summon to me the happiness I want to feel. I summon all the thoughts habits actions emotions necessary for me to attract everything I want to me.

I pull these things to me with more pull than a black hole. The power of my pull on these things is so strong that nothing of them can escape me. They from now on want to come to me.

[ ] thank you again for being here and empowering this ritual. Go where you need to. I release any spirits that may be bound here.

So it is done!

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