The greater lesson to be learned


About two weeks ago I performed a very messy and very impromptu ritual for something. Now I am of the school of thought that for the most part impromptu magic is bad magic. And by that I mean doing a ritual without a clear head is bad magic.

Well I did the ritual without a clear head and I got the result I wanted, for two weeks. Then it reversed itself. Now I will be fine as I have made necessary changes to insure that this problematic situation is no longer problematic to me, but it was still strange to see it reverse itself like that. It is hard to explain without going into great detail, bit I got the “core” of what I was after.

Certainly I am going to do some divination in it to see where things went wrong, but right now I think it was due to the fact that I went into the ritual in a state of panic rather than a state of Godly Confidence.

I am actually glad that it reversed itself so I could learn this lesson. I thought I would share it all with you.

Stay Frosty,

Nice post. I had something similiar happen in regards to this, but instead of it being impromtu and messy, I didn’t follow through consitently for the days that I had planned to participate in the ritual. End result was obviously no change in the situation. In fact, it went in the direction that I was trying to prevent. Had I remained constitent for the days and time that I have set aside for said ritual, perhaps the result would have been more to my desire.

Is it possible you reversed it to prove your own conception right?

By which I mean, you violated your own rules and therefore had to “give back” what you gained by doing it?

Just a thought, be interested to hear more. At this point, I’m personally of the mind that all reversals and blocks to successful magick come solely from within ourselves.

I’m not sure if Lady Eva is implying what I’m about to say.

Basically reality reacted to your inner believes of what you were doing couldn’t possible be powerful magick because it was impromptu.

Is similar to guilt, when you kill a bird or a rabbit to eat it. Many people feel unease eating something they’ve just killed, even tho eating birds and rabbits bought in supermarkets or shops doesn’t seem to bother them. If there is no guilt, there is no unease feeling while eating nor posterior Diarrea.

If there is no thought of “this shouldn’t really work” then, it should work, permantely. We must remeber the Universe, although with specific rules of manifestation and various patterns of order and organization, is still happening impromptu constantly.

That happens in healing, when people start to doubt about the reality of it the healings becomes permanent, and also happen when someone gives less of what he thinks he should to have a propper result. In other words if we pay money/energy/effort/organization/time to something, and does not match our “Enough” line, the doubt created in ourself affect the result for that we have just paid.

A common solution is just pay more money/energy/effort/organization/Time to make us feel at ease enough to allow the outcome to happen on its own (once is out of our hands, like magick usually is); but another one is realizing the structure of your beliefs and reprogram them.

Some people use affirmation to reprogram their thoughts, while is effective in some cases is not in all because some beliefs are just too strong and are very related to the sense (limited human sense) of self. There is a thing called “Afformations” invented by this guy called noah st. john. Basically instead of telling orders to your self you ask questions, because the mind is a mechanism of reflect and works to look ofr answers in the memory or just invent them.

Affirmation —> “I believe my magick is always powerful”

Scumbag Mind response —> “HAHAHA you know IS NOT!!! btw remember the money you needed to pay your debt… CHRISTMAS IS COMMING”

Afformation ----> “Why is my magick always powerful/effective?”

Scumbag Mind has no other choice but to look for an answer since is design in that way.

Using enough afformation will transform that answer into an habit, and our beliefs are nothing more than mental habits, electroqumical responses that goes on and on and on affecting our behaviour until we reprogram them.

I get what you’re saying Gnome.

It’s sort of like having a proper business mindset:

Instead of saying I must work X hours to make X money, the better businessman instead says to himself ‘I will instead use my intellect to generate this revenue more efficiently.’

Work smarter, not harder.

Change your mindset, change the game.

So now everything is back to how I wanted it to a "T"
I did some divination and found out why. Greatest lesson to be learned, always do divination…