The Great Mother

For about six months now I have been getting “signals” for a entity that “calls” her self Mother l, I say “signals” and not signals because i have not done a invocation for her until yesterday and she did not respond that well. I got symbols and saw a faceless six armed man in a suit behind a cheakered wall sitting at a desk each arm with something in it.
I then went on to jerk my head up without knowing at first like I was forced to nod hot after images of a woman breast feeding me, then after that I nothing, I felt completely alone like after they were done they left till next time.
There was only the wind and the occasional animal sound it felt as if the air lifted. After I asked for guidance in my dreams and dreamt about helping people get cars out of slush mud and snow in a forest I looked up to see a brown ww2 bomber plane dropping bombs and that’s when my dream ends.

A day before that I felt a strong her presence strongly and that’s what compelled me to do a invocation in the first place, but I wrote this

In the beginning there was Mother and nothing else, and that’s how it was for a really long time. Then Mother created the Chvous, beings of freedom and chaos and that’s ok, but Mother felt unhappy with them so she created the Archions, beings of control and order and that’s ok, but Mother was still unhappy with her creations, but she was to compassionate and loving to destroy her creations, so instead she created existence for them. Mother then went back to dimension yo sleep because creating was tiring her, with her creations in there own dimension to do with as they pleased, she took a nap for Aeons.

Thanks to anybody who can help me make any sense of this, with passion


“Great Mother” reminds me of Tiamat?


Maybe, but she seemed more “out there” if that makes sense

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Do a divination. Or ask someone to do it for yourself.

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