The Great King Paimon

Anyone correct me if I am wrong but can Paimon affect the mind. Also since the mind can affect the body , can paimon,when invoked can affect my own mind to physically change something.

For example: let’s say I want to grow taller. (note: this is an example.) Could paimon when invoke into the mind cause physical changes to the body. Because I believe the pituarty,gland is the factor that supposedly makes people grow taller. I just wanted to know if paimon is powerful enough to cause changes to the physical body through the mind.

Hi,i hear from friends,tat paimon,and others,not only can chance ya mind& soul,tru chants,rituals,etc,but ya whole mean,i dnt have the exactly names of the others spirits,but i will look around.itz its a chant,but mostly yes,he can.

I find that so hard to believe…

Paimon is my new workout coach!

I find that so hard to believe…

Paimon is my new workout coach![/quote]

Why not try a more specialized spirit such as Heracles? It would appear that a spirit, even a very powerful one, whose powers are not quite aligned with a specific goal (such as increasing physical strength) could never be as effective as a specialized entity whose abilities perfectly align with your goal in a specific area.

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I have already commented on this ages ago multiple times, but shape-shifting is a lot easier than people think it is. If I could do it accidentally, then it can be done intentionally.

I do think Paimon could help, but I’m not sure he’d be the primary operator. He primarily seems to manipulate patterns in the energy body that influence habits of thinking and behavior. (He’s extremely helpful in recovering from curses, for example.)

Dear experienced friends out there!
It is very interesting to see what the Great King Paimon does.
But I would like to ask you to recommend me a demon/demons specialized in increasing sexual vigor and virility and things having to do with sex.
Thanks a lot