The Great Hall in Hell

“Let me take care of you.”

Lucifer said

I said ok, and he leads me to a place in hell with 3 big doors, I try to open the one in the middle by pushing, it’s hard so he gives me a hand.

I open it to find 3 red carpets leading forward in a long hall, I see many little demons flying

At the end of the carpets there are 3 throne like chairs on top of some stairs, he sits in the middle and invites me to sit next to him, so I do.

The chair is incredibly comfortable, I admire the beauty and grandeur of the place, I ask him, is this another of your throne rooms?

He says this is the Great Hall

I thank him for his friendship, his patience, his understanding.

He says: " No Alex, thank you."

Then I had to go.

I’ve been to a place like this, my friends call Lucifer’s capital in the Infernal Pandemonium (not sure why) but in his palace he called one part of it the great hall.


Something I wait to experience. Sounds pretty cool. If you don’t mind me asking what was the Wallas like and how high was the ceiling?

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what is a wallas?

you mean walls?

the ceiling was pretty high but not too much, like 40 meters or so

Yea I ment walls like fancy carvings and painting or just bair, damn that’s pretty damn tall 120 feet tall gives plenty of room for flyers.

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from what i remember though now i am not sure, i think there were curved like patterns designs on the walls

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I too have been to a place like this.

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I’ve been to the great hall before, Its very striking.
Also Pandemonium is a fitting name for the capital