The great duke dantalion

Hi is there anybody who has an established relationship with duke dantalion who could confirm my pact was accepted, the same night i made the pact i had an experience lets put it that way and as my own abilities are limited at this time the last thing i would want is to believe it is so but it is not thanks for any help offered.

I do not have the experience with Dantalion @Hewhogreetswithfire. What I will ask, is if you feel that the pact was accepted? Were there any strange feelings you might have had, or thoughts that you normally would not? It is good to have heightened perceptions of your surroundings. Having focus and channeling your intent and energy to the best of your ability is important of course. Another thing to remember is not to dwell on it after the event.

First off thank you for your reply, shortly after the pact (late evening) i did feel odd sensations around my crown + third eye area and could feel the onset of being caught between being asleep and being awake…although this is not unusual for me it was involuntry i did get a vision related to my future (a change in my professional career and not related to the pact) that i am pursuing with a sure knowing of it would not be long closing this experience there was an awe inspiring light entering the corner of my vision getting my full attention and from that appeared just a head if you like (in a shooting star kinda motion) which came pretty much nose too nose with me it was non threatening but did end the experience because as soon as i wanted to try communicate boom that brought an end to the state i was in. i will add whilst this was happening i was seeing little red dots and was wondering why do i feel like im seeing lines from a book…i will take your advice and see how things unfold.

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@Hewhogreetswithfire you are welcome… It sounds like you were able to make a sync and progress…