The Grand Black Sabbath 2020

Hail Lucifer! Hail Hecate! Hail Belial!

Hear the witches chant:

Gutts! Alegremos! Astaroth, Behemot! Aksafat, Sabatan! Tenemos! Gutts! Maiala, Na, Da, Kagala! Sagana! Veda, Shuga, La, Na, Da, Shuga! Sagana! Gulla, Guala, Na, Da, Laffa! Sagana! Shiha, Ehan,
Rova! Chukh, Chukh! Kryda, Ehan, Stsokha! Chukh, Chukh, Chukh! Gutts

The dance includes 3 times Hit the floor with the left foot

This year the Sabbath is most powerful and probably the beginning of the new Aeon as because the witches Sabbath is linked to the sun eclipse, the piramid of Giza and Stonehenge!

By courtesy of Graham Hancock

So dear black witches, dark Priests, Satanists and Luciferians enjoy the power of the dark Sabbath!


This sounds like a powerful ritual, I join in!

The infernal empire rises.

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There can be used also inverted christian prayers to empower the destruction of the old aeon:

Amen. Malo a nos libera sed. Tentationem in inducas nos ne et. Nostris debitoribus dimittimus nos et sicut nostra debita nobis dimitte et hodie nobis da quotidianum nostrum panem. Terra in et coelo in sicut tua voluntas fiat: tuum regnum adveniat: tuum nomen sanctificetur: coelis in es qui, noster pater.

Athah Gibor Leohlam Azerate!

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