The goetias

I came across a live video on YouTube from Orlee and I encountered a rude troll calling out how the goetias worked in God’s will by force when king solomon was around to build the temple and he starts to laugh about it and mock about the goetic demons saying that Christianity and God will always dominante all of us even if anyone tries to divide it. I mean he was fucking rude honestly.:roll_eyes:

Now is true that king Solomon really conjured these demons? And do any of the goetic demons have anything to say about their traumatic past, if they are willing? Like what happened, etc.

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Solomon most certainly bound the 72 to his will with Angelic power.

His methods, too, were adopted by magicians in the West and served as the main standard operating procedure for demon evocations from the renaissance onward.

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The Solomonic grimoires are based on a text called the Testament of Solomon. This wasn’t written until some 1000 years after his lifetime. It’s a pseudepigraphical work. In other words, not written by Solomon. I regard it as a mythical story rather than a historical one.


Most of the demons of the goetia are the gods of other cultures that were demonized as the cultures we conquered as part of the methods to convert them to their faith.

Did he “bind” these beings no clue. But the system works.

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So, a great ambassador for his faith then… not. Like everybody else can’t see how low vibrational and without honour that is, to mock victims of domineering behaviour and usury. I prefer to hope that a being as supposedly wise as Solomon actually had more integrity and just asked nicely, and that the warped stories, written by lowbrows like this troll, simply stroked fearful egos. I don’t actually believe for a second they were, are or could ever be beholden to the demiurge and his ways.

That makes dinosaurs like this troll just look half asleep, uneducated and unenlightened.

He’s not worth your time, and if you let him annoy you, he’s won exactly what he wanted - I say, deny him that energy. He doesn’t rate an ounce of your consideration.