The Gods Go To War: Short Occult Fiction

Setting: New Deli, India
Year: 2040

Context: The military forces of Iran, lead by General Mohammed, have waged a Jihad on India in search of Oil killing many. General Shiva, The Head of The Armed Forces of The Asuras and Rakshashas (A.F.A.R.) must make a tough decision to use the latest advancements in military technology in all out War, or reach a truce with Iran and their Martial Prophet, Mohammed.

“You seem unperturbed, Shiva.”
The words rolled out of Brahmas throat as he searched Shivas countenance looking for any sign of Nervousness amd unsurety.

The young General leaned Back in his Chair, both feet on the table, and simply gazed at Brahma with a Unnerving Smile.

“Why should I be? I see the chaos the Muslim Jihadist are causing in my Country and to my People. But all is equally Well. There is no cause for alarm.”

Standing up and looking out the Window of his Office he yawns long and hard.

“The people should lose attachment, as our doctirne states.”

Angered, Brahma slams his fist on the Table…

“SHIVA!! You are a God to these People and yet you lack the bravery…the manliness to defend them because. Youre. scared. The People shouldve elected Vishnu as their Leader. And they would have to if it hadnt been for your childish interference making him lool like a fool!”

Kali, General Shivas Right Hand, gave Brahma a time stopping glare…

Suddenly, sounds of Blood gurgling in the mouth were heard as Brahmas head Slowly slid off his body and into Kalis hand, his divine blood staining her Sword.

With a Smirk, General Shiva calmly spoke,
“Do not insult me by comparing me to Vishnu, Father. You know I do not like to be compared to my Brother in that fashion.”

“If the Muslims want to Dance, then I will show them My Dance. With our latest Technology, we now weild the capabilities of launching a ICBM that can deliver a payload of 4.2 Megatons to Mohammed and His city.”

The room goes Silent as Shakti listens to her husband speak.

“Agni, Bring me the Launch Codes”.

The Ruler of Fire Steps forward with the Weapons of Mass Destruction, whose co-ordinates are already set on Tehran, Iran which is the Seat of Chief Allahs authority and reign.

“Are you sure about this, my Lord?”
Asks Shakti.

“I am. As always, my Dear.”
Says Shiva

Inserting the Launch Codes and Verifying his Identity, Shiva turns the key and a roar is heard as the Nuclear Missle named “Eye of Destruction” leaves the base and heads for Tehran.

The Estimated time of Arrival is 20 Minutes.

Shiva pauses to contemplate the action he has taken and the affects it will have.

He can hear Brahmas voice yelling in Chaos and Misery,
“Shiva!? What have you become, my Son?”

To which Shiva Boldly replies,
I have become Death. I have become the Destroyer of Worlds.


Tehran and every city within 100 Miles was turned to Ash. There were no survivors. All Temples, Mosques, and Holy sites were destroyed instantly as the Searing heat turned all to ruin.

The Germans, or Black Knights, heard of this and raced to develop nuclear technology of their own out of Fear.
They started a project called the S.A.T.A.N. and were expected to complete it in a short time.

Until the A.F.A.R. arrived…

The World was just starting to be drenched in Fire & Blood, with no stopping. Ragnarok had arrived.




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