The Godlike Powers: Is it worth it?

I’m considering dropping the money for this set of courses, and was wondering if anyone had experience in any of them before I went and spent.

Does anyone have any experience with any of the listed items?

  • Mastering Divination & Clairvoyance
  • Mastering Evocation & Possession
  • Mastering Soul Travel
  • Mastering Kundalini & Energy Work
  • Astral Projection Mastery
  • Mastering Psychic Self-Defense

I have these ones here above and a few others and can say, they worth their price :ok_hand:
Each one has at least 8h+ of video material.
Astral Projection course has around 20h+ I believe.

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There is also a Black Magick Course which I find very comprehensive and covering many topics like Sigil Magick, Baneful Magick, Sympathetic Magick etc.

Anything that costs you an exorbitant amount of money but can done by self from scratch with hard work and experience can definitely define your path much better than these profitable courses with odd deficits in it… this is the marketing strategy… it’s all business. Just like how life coaching courses cost you 1000 bucks or interact with a a mentor for game and buy his courses in order to learn from them??

Do it yourself


They’re very good condensed, no-fluff info that saves years of reading many books.
I recommend getting one at a time and working through it completely, and bear in mind there’s 50% off sales that come around once or twice a year, usually in June.


well it’s entirely up to you, there’s free resources available on all of them and aren’t pandered off as “God-like” powers to amp sells. However, besides that point like any source of information you can either dive right in or try your hand at all the resources available before spending tons of money. Information is information, where you get it only matters when you start incorporating it.


There is a boon on the topic by Bruce, that isn’t nearly as expensive as the course, so I’d just pick thst up personally and see if it seems like it’s worth your time.


A boon? Where can I find this?

I think that was a typo and @Keteriya meant a book not a boon.


Ooooh. Thanls.

i have all the courses and trust me they are worth more than you can imagine.


Can you elaborate on what you value in them?

Can you advise me where I can find very good information on that subject? Is all put together in a single place?

Don’t get courses, I’ve gained ability to see and hear spirits just by dealing closely with a select few for a while. If I can do it, anyone can.

Save your money. Invest it, find use for it. These people are just selling books. The spirits are so much more than that, and are just outside of your vision. Just ask them and be guided.


Yea, sorry. I Was on my phone.


Mastering evocation course is the course that i watched and practiced it all. It helped me to remove a lot of misconception for example, i used to assume if you evoke to physical appearance even the third person will be able to see the spirits.

i mean When EA evoke the spirit and he sees it even i who see the evocation on video i thought i will be able to see the spirit as well.

Another issue was on theta gamma sync. i thought when you reach on that stage during your evocation all of your surrounding will change and you will start see some swirling colors etc. but it was quite the opposite EA was still on the same spot and no swirling colors happened.

black magic video course this is the best for those who begin their path on left hand path whatever negative belief you had about magic is going to be crushed out completely with this course.

Take it from the person who had a lot of misinformation about occult but these video courses will save your time from reading all the crap of information that is out there.

But if you don’t want courses you can dedicate your time on books there is also a lot of information within books.

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Thank you so much for what you said, I am going to purchase the whole set since it’s still half off right now.

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