The Godlike Azazel

Hi all, i was wondering if anyone could help me with something. i dont really know how to make offerings. i would like to make offers to Azazel, but i dont what to use or how to do it.

So far i have tried offering pure frankincense and a few drops of my blood…but i feel im doing something wrong…and because i feel it, i know i am.

How much blood should be offered, on/in what?etc.etc.

Any advice will help, thanks!


You can offer whole continents but, when your mindset behind the gift is not set in the right way it means very little. An offering is to be personal and small, it is a means by which to bridge the physical and non-physical experiences, and as such it is about how much or even “what” exactly. If you feel you’re doing something wrong it is because you are approaching the matter as a science and not as one who connects to the “spirits” with integrity. Sit down and relax and let Azazel come to you, shortly after you will understand offering better that you ever did. Consider your offering a gateway and you’ll be better off, simply because it moves you from passive honouring to active participation, which is much closer to nature of your demonic friend :slight_smile:


Thanks! so there isnt anything to say when offering?

In essence you are offering yourself on the alter, so say what you feel is valuable :slight_smile: Otherwise enjoy, what you give is as much for you as for them :slight_smile:

Thanks! =)