The God part of the brain

I remember watching this documentary about god. and this girl did this experiment where she put on this helmet and felt a god presence in the room and saw floating heads. they showed this was done by activating a part of the brain. and also about sigils flashing theres a thing your eyes naturally do if you stare at a fixed point it seems to fade and disappear. im not a skeptic just hoping magick is real and would like the more experienced magicians to add their experiences.

Well to be fair, epileptic people sometimes smell oranges or toast just before a seizure as a result of their brains firing incorrectly, but that doesn’t mean that genuine oranges and toast don’t exist outside their heads.

And we can all dream about something as a result of brain activity, feeling it’s very real and even engaging our emotions, without that meaning the real-world thing that inspired it was all a made-up phenomena.

It’s called the god helmet and you can buy one online. You can find out more with Google

yea i was teading that with a little tweak with our brain we could smell anything. i think the sigil flshing is a way to help your brain do the inner work kinda what EA says in his video about the demon hierarchy. if the part of the brain thats activated does that mean all the spirits are just hallucinations? idk have you guys have anything happen to you that proves spirits are real

If someone activates a part of your brain that makes you hallucinate that you smell oranges, does this mean there are no real oranges?

If someone it tripping their face off and sees a camel in their room, does that mean there are no real camels?

There is no link whatsoever between the things a person can hallucinate, and how objectively real those things are.

idk have you guys have anything happen to you that proves spirits are real

Damn, dude, read the forum! :wink:

Better yet, read the success stories posted in just this thread, which is a tiny snapshot of successes people had over a few months.

The reality of spirits is subjective. There is no objective proof of spirits. There can be very meaningful subjective experiences however. You are alone, this is the nature of the abyss.