The Glamour of the Sun and Moon

This is a glamour spell that I received fairly recently and am going to test out,to see if it works.I am told that it is fairly solid,and lasts for like two weeks before you even need to consider renewing it.

Now,what you will need is:
-a candle
-a mirror
-A marker
-a pen
-a bowl

Begin the ritual by meditating,slipping into a light theta-gamma sync.Look into your own eyes in the mirror gazing into them.See yourself sinking deeper and deeper into them,as though you are sinking deeper and deeper into yourself.Continue this until your face becomes a blurry blob.

Then pull back out,refocus and wait for your face to return to normal.BEcome aware of swirling particles and ultra thin lines around and within you.Do not manipulate the lines on your face but the ones around your face.

See the change you want to see.If you want to cover acne see yourself without it,and such.Breathing in,pull energy from the outside,and breathing out,open your eyes and push it onto your reflection.

Take a moment to draw the sigils of Lucifer the Light Bringer,and on top of it the astrological symbol of the sun,and then the sigil of LIlith and on the bottom the astrological symbol of the moon.

Put Lucifer on your right,and Lilith on your left.

Open both,right to left.

Then look into your own eyes again.Now form a psi ball,and the changes you’ve already made are solidifed.Then shape the psi ball you made into a sort of piece of cloth,and then put it on like a mask,sealing the deal.

Take the milk,pour it into the bowl and rub it over your face.Yes,I am literally instructing you on how to rub milk over your face.

If this is done on the whole body(to obtain a certain countenance) then do this over the entire body.As in,see the entire body in the mirror,manipulate the lines on the aura,and bathe yourself in the milk or cover yourself in it.You’ve probably done stranger with magic.

With your right hand call the sun,the elevator of the physical state,the sealer that solidifies and as it comes,see it burning the mask layer over your face,making the glamour even more tangible.

Then see the moon sealing it in the exact same way.

Do this in a dark bathroom by candlelight.

Finally,burn the two sigils,close them or whatever,and leave the milk as an offering,or drink it.Consult with your spirits.

I haven’t tested this spell yet but it mixes a variety of glamour methods I’ve employed to success before so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work now.But I’m still leaving it here for anyone who wants to test it out,and if there’s something wrong then you can consult me.

All that I’ve been told is that the milk is very important.


Don’t know if this is in the right place since it doesn’t deal in shapeshifting per say.

This is “theory” and not a mod post, but afaik shapeshifting energetically into someone more attractive, healthy, or whatever, starts the causal process to allow others to perceive you that way, and later to become it with minimal “everyday world” effort. So it’s probably as good as any other, but PM me if you want ti moved. :slight_smile:

Azazel had me do something similar with milk and honey. And it did give my face a beautiful glow. Kinda like that pretty glow pregnant women have when the pregnancy hormone kicks in. And no i am definitely NOT pregnant. But i remember putting on my makeup before going to work and noticing my skin having that glow. I could figure out what the point was when doing it. It was just later when i saw the difference it made in my appearance.

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