The gift of Dominance

So I want to explain the gift of dominance because I think some may have the wrong impression of it.

Submission is a very beautiful gift and I don’t want to take away from that. The submissive freely gives to her dominant the rarest and most precious gift.

But lets look at the dominants roll.

Let’s imagine the Dominant is in this case a gardener. And he has in the palm of his hand a tiny seed. He does not know what kind of seed it is, a sunflower, a wild flower, or something else.

Now the gardener can take that seed and toss in the trash where it will never sprout, grow or bloom…

Or the Gardener can toss it outside leaving the tiny seeds to fate. Maybe it will get all the right amounts of sunlight, water, and nutrients it needs to sprout , grow and Bloom. …or maybe it does not. Perhaps, it will sprout but some trauma stops it from ever developing farther.

Now, the right Gardener will take his tiny seed and plant it in a small pot. He will check the nutrient levels of the soil and make sure it has what it needs and the right amount of sunlight.
It may take the gardener adusting this several times.
Finally one day he sees a little sprout and so knows he is giving the right care.
He continues to work with the sprout and giving it the right amounts care.
One day the sprout is much bigger and so the gardener knows it’s time to change things
He then plants the sprout outside …but he still continues to care for the sprout…
Keeps nasty weeds away. And making sure it’s getting the right amounts of sunlight and water and the the soil is just right.

Over time the Gardner looks at the sprout and it’s no longer just a sprouting plant.
It has a flower bud.

And the Gardner knows if he continues to care for the flower it will Bloom.
He continues his work caring for and paying attention to his delicate flower bud.

The one day the flower opens up and is the most beautiful rose the gardener has ever seen.


Now the seed held the potential and power to be a beautiful rose all along…but without the gardener she would have possibly never reached her full potential.

Being dominant isn’t just about controlling another, and using whips and paddles…thats the added bonus.

Being a Dom is about learning your submissive, taking time to care for her and making sure she has just the right amounts of everything to bloom.

Alot of people ask me how am I a black magician and a submissive…
Because its who I am…I give the gift I have to one I choose and they form that gift into the rose.

I could have all the power of the universe but if it never gets nurtured and encouraged and given pushes to keeping going. All that power will remain a tiny seed… and never bloom.

The flower only blooms for the one who took the time to see its true potential come to reality.

Like the gardener the Dom has a special role.
Too much of this and not enough of that could damage the flower and the sub.

But when the Dom takes time and care …

His flower blooms but she only blooms for him…
His touch, his words, his looks, she is his flower and he is her Gardener. And together magick happens ~

Arianna :rose:



I hate having to explain the concepts to people who just don’t understand.


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That would be a red and white rose too…


Wow. I don’t think I could come up with a better way to explain that if I had a thousand lifetimes to try to come up with something

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Very beautifully phrased. I am bookmarking this.

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Beautifully worded, couldn’t have said it better myself!

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