The ghost in the machine and the concept

the concept of the ghost in the machine is quite simple to spend too much time in a new device the longer you spend with the device like a computer your spirit is copied into the device gains your personality for example you get mad I didn’t it doesn’t work for you out of spite computer analyst concert the ghost in the machine if you have experience than you know its real you get mad at him at your computer and says every time you open the window Error error error it’s not just computers you can build your own radionics device and create a ghost effect through Technomancy checking in divination section of the forum

I am not sure about this, seems a little bit of a stretch. For sure everything we interact with takes on a tiny part of us, and we take on part of it. I am never angry at my computer, yet it still gives me the blue screen of death from time to time.

I do believe that we can give ‘good vibes’ to machines and it helps them, like as is taught in some Reiki training.

I have spend at least 5 hours a day, for the last 5 years, in front of my PC, yet if I am horny and want to have a wank xvideos or redtube do not pop up by themselves, so I dont see how my PC would crash if I am angry, which it doesnt do either.