The Gatekeeper Ritual: the Book of Azazel

Anybody in, or around, the Louisville, KY or surrounding areas interested in performing the Gatekeeper Ritual from The Book of Azazel? We would need to organize and set times/dates and prepare. To be involved in this ritual has been a dream of mine since I read the book several years ago.


Anyone at all?

Sorry JackKnife. I’m located in Southern California😏

@JackKnife you could try cross-posting into this thread maybe?

I reworked it into blood and candle magick.
Put the four seals on the candle.
Rip the angelic seals.
Core the candle so it can hold nine drops.
Burn that puppy…



How were the results from doing the ritual?

I was looking to do something like that myself as it’s hard to get a lot of people together, I have first been trying to get to know the Gatekeepers better beforehand.


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From my understanding you dont have to get a big group together. It would be nice too but if you can evoke multiple entites in one working then you should be able to preform this solo from the speca in the book.


I was given a vision the EA would be doing the ritual to groups of 144 in Utah.

Hell yes I would go.

Ever get this squared away?

Loved this ritual