The Gatekeeper Books

So soon I’m hopefully getting the money to buy the compendiums of the gatekeepers and just wanted to ask, do you think it is best to get all of them and work through them like a pathworking or is it okay to just get one based on the entity you would like to work with?

It may be a matter of opinion but I would like to know what you all think.

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Azazel’s book is the first one I’m getting. While I’d certainly like to get them all, I think you can work with the books separately, just as you can with the entities

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Okay becasue Azazel and Lucifer are the two I want atm. I want Belials eventually but they don’t have the cloth version which sucks and makes the books pretty damn expesnsive

They can all stand on their own but If you look through E.A’s latest vids and read abouth the Azazel books they seems to be building upon the previous so i would recomend getting themmin order If your intention is to get them all anyway.
Not having anymore of the cloth versions is to bad, If you wanna get them cheap then perhaps you should get the once you can afford asap, chances are big the Lucifer and Azazel cloth versions may soon be soldat aswell. Then again not sure how many Belial in leather is left.

Okay I see, I probably should. i’ll have to look at my money or figure out good money/ simple money spells I can use to get more as I am a college student with no Job.

I’m banking on the gatekeeper series getting paperback release sometime after their all released regularly

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Ah hear you man, im a collage student aswell, have the fortun to have extra job to pay for my interests thou.
Hope it all works out and you can get the books.
My fingers are crossed that in the end Balg will come with a compilation tome of all the gatekeeper books, however at this time frame there will be atleast 1-2 year for them to release all gatekeeper books.

Very true, I could see that but it looks like it’ll take a bit to get them all done. I’ll probably get the later ones in paperpack, I’m very interested in the gatekeepers as it seems like something for beginners and adapts alike if you get what I’m saying. Like you can pick them up with a basic understanding and still be able to get something out of it

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I would like that but its hard to do that atm, I wouldn’t have time to do magick then or work on my book which is more important to me.

I mean you can always work with each Gatekeeper independently but I believe the pathworking as laid out by EA is intended to be followed sequentially for best results. Belial is the first Gatekeeper, for example, because he helps breaks you free from all limitations, self-imposed and external. It is that freedom and manifest potentiality which helps realize the full power of the other Gatekeepers in your life thereafter, IMO.

The idea so far as i got it is.
Belial will help you break the cage that traps you.
Lucifer will illuminate the dark ess with knowledge.
Azazel will arm you.

I’d agree but also, though you can boil it down to that I think there is more to each (which you probably do to).

Tea sure that was a little how its described on the video or on the info about the Azazel book, read it yesterday but dont remember where(:slight_smile:

I think I’ve seen that video, like the 10 things the gatekeepers can teach you one?

May be, ive watched alot of them since E.A’s live chat yesterday and i have a hard time to keep track right now.
Wanna get working on the gatekeeper series aswell but i have other work to do before in preparation.

I just made a post about that actually A weird calling... I think

From my understanding I think that each compendium builds on the information/practices in the previous one, so it might be an idea to get all of them. For this reason I received the leather bound version of the Compendium of Belial recently in order to catch up.