The Furnace - Hell is within

Physical Evocation Of Abaddon.

There in the centre of the room I stood in the darkness, with only two black candles outside the perimeter of the universal circle.

The seal of Abaddon was placed upon the altar outside of the circle, anointed in blood.
The Incense smoke wafted around the room until it gathered in the corner of the room.

There stood a warlord nine feet tall, gigantic and a radiance of fury emanated from him.
In his hand he held a key as black as night, as hot as the sun itself.

He spoke.

“It is I who hold the key to the pit, it is I who give this key unto you”.

I projected outward of my flesh, willed myself to him and took the key.
Abaddon transmitted what was to be done with the key, I placed it inside of my chest deep into my heart chakra.

As I turned the key, the pit within me opened.
I traveled into the heart of man, there the pit the ultimate isolation.

For hell doesn’t only dwell in the other planes but within us all, reigns the infernal empire.

Physical Evocation Of Lucifuge Rofocale.

In the ninth hour I called upon Lucifuge Rofocale, he manifested as the black star.
He entered me not like a channeling nor invocation, not a possession either.

The black star sat within my third eye, opening another dwelling of hell within oneself.
The psyche are the labyrinths of Satariel, the night-time ruler of Satariel Lucifuge awaited me.

There in the dark crevice of the mind, through the ancient roots of consciousness.
I was led into the realm of mystery and concealment.

Forced to see past the illusions and face my inner demons.

Hell Within.

For these are mere examples of the great gnosis of the Infernal empire within us all.
The solar plexus being hells furnace, the third eye being various labyrinth of the Qliphothic spheres.
The heart chakra being the oceanic dark pit, for each chakra is a gateway to specific regions within hell.

We are infernal offsprings, children of darkness born from the womb of night, humans are hell spawn.