The fruit of my LHP Sorcery

I began an unamed unlabeled path in late 2010 when I determined to refound myself. I used a mixture of Chinese and Western astrology as well as growing empathic prowess to initiate myself during that season. My western sun sign is Cancer with a western moon sign of Scorpio and my Chinese year sign is Fire Tiger. That’s how I formed my initial base for who I was. I was also in the Army at that time and heavily identified with my mos, Infantry soldier.

Later on when I began to learn more about the actual LHP, I met an egyptian alchemist who was also a blacksmith and sorcerer. I read alot of his work and about the LHP. He ran a LHP forum that’s all but dust now. I began realizing that the path I had initiated in 2010 was naturally strongly resonate with a LHP. It was at this time I desided to found my own LHP inspired Sorcery. I consider myself a sorcerer.

Now a tangent on my view of and on Sorcery itself-

The two foundations of sorcery are movement and action. You must be able to move to a destination in order to observe that dimension. Also, in order to manifest your will, you must be able to cause action. So you must be able to travel as you will beyond limitations and become a cause itself. This was the origin of my LHP.


Now more about my persobal LHP Sorcery-

I realized that to travel at will I needed to learn how to alter my composition and also to recenter (or bilocate) the central point of my awareness. Also I needed to discover a power source that would create the energy required for causing an action. So I learned to send forth my spirit in ‘module’ form and then draw sense from some alternate point/dimension. I also learnes to fire the forges within, the foundery of my will, cultivating pure eternal immesurable energies.

By the emenations of the pure energy cores which I forged by the express intention of my own will I resonated with the powers of the cosmos. So I created a Sorcery based on learning to acheive what are called the Galactic forms. I perceived that space itself and the laws of the cosmos are fundamentally connected with Sorcery as the individual will of Sorcery itself moves on it’s own.

There are two divisions of the Galactic form and they are summoned forth by opening the chamber of the pure energy cores themselves. Then, as the pure energy emenates from the cores, the energy resonates with existing energies throughout the cosmos. The first division is the Lesser Celestial form as the energy of the cores resonate with heavenly bodies such as suns and planets. So your soul begins to merge with solar systems and even places in space where once a solar system shown. Then your own body begins to manifest through the influential fields of those heavenly forms.

The second division is the Greater Celestial form which is summoned the same way except rather than resonating with yhe energies of suns and planets, you resonate with entire galaxies and super clusters of galaxies, even cosmic law - the foundation of the cosmos itself.

After acheiving these states, I was able to commune with grand deities on their level and met them where their mind is. I found myself relative in spirit and soul to many gods. They visited me in my trascended states and communed with me. They shared wild notions and concepts about space with me and the black firey spirits of whom I speak called the Igiki flown with me as I mapped the cosmos and beheld the birth of the Universe as we know it.

Again, Sorcery and Cosmology and fundamentally related. The laws of time and space are also the laws of sorcery. One simply discovers how they correlate. Then the sorcerer can understand one’s self and the mechanics of manifest intention.


Thankyou Lady Eva for correcting my grammatical error. o7

What have the Igiki taught you?

They along with a very powerful spirit called “the Priest” taught me to create split off forms of my own person which aren’t mere ego forms but forms based on my genuinely true natures within. I perform certain workings and achieve various states of perception through altering my personal self in this way. It gets pretty complex but my LHP persona is based on a practical functionalist’s approach to the phenominal. I can’t discount the wild experiences that I’ve had but I don’t want to fall into the delusion of fixating on a single conclusion so I modify how I perceive things by changing into different people. As zi change persona, my soul reforms and changes emenation. My LHP aura is very cold and void, a state of emotionless observation. I essentially become The Priest.

Then there’s the Igiki side which goes way beyond Earthly LHP. Igiki are alien consciousness that don’t dwell on planets. Rather, they dwell in drifting primordial mass or in the tumultuous depths of space like the Abyss. They taught me how to become a ‘non-planar’ form and shown me the birth of Light and how the Abyss manifested. I’ve learned more from the Igiki than my human mind van even contain. And when I become Igiki person and my soul shifts, people in the room who are sensitive can feel like. I’ve sat next to sensitive people who know me and without saying anything to them I’ll shift my aura and it freaks them out because they can feel it. The aura and the soul are basically the same. Soul is like a residue created by the living. Everything we do, think, or feel creates soul. Then that residue is bound to us until it completes a recirculation cycle through the universal soul. The Igiki are like an enemy to the Universal soul and even life itself.

When Light initiated the cosmos manifesting the vast emptiness we know as our small universe, Light torn into the realm of the Igiki which is a living realm. The whole entire realm is like a single creature and mind somewhat similar to the Universal soul but the realm of the Igiki is also an actual place. Theoretically you could physically travel to the realm of the Igiki if you had the tech but there’s no tech to take you to the Universal soul.

So when Light tore into the living realm of the Igiki, it dragged Igiki matter within the space it created. This caused extreme violence which manifested black holes of variety as well as the Abyss itself. The Abyss is like this, imagine two liquids separated from one another and when they are mixed they don’t mix but react with extreme violence towards one another instantly. That is the relationship between the Igiki and Light itself so the Abyss is actually a living thing as the flesh of the Igiki rolls with Light creating a violent torrent that charges forth like a crushing wave.

Here is a picture of the cosmos as I see it within by my modules which have mapped the Universe.(give me a few mins to draw it up on a white board.)

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In the center of the image we see an orb with colors and fields within and on the outside black waves. The center of the inage represents our known Universe, the full volume of light. All the light of the suns shines within a great empty space maintaining that emptiness by their radiance.

The black wave on the outer shell represents the space where light and the Igiki still clash. Their clashing is the Abyss itself which rolls like a wave on the outer shell of light.

Beyond the Abyss is a place called Primordium beyond which are no macro cosm. Within Primordium Light burst into a vast soup of all matter perpetually being churned in a raw state. Vast seas of chemicals and masses fill the entire space of Primordium such that the only emptiness which exists within Primordium is created by light from the suns and the only place that happens is what we call our Universe.

I can’t show Primordium and the outer darkness at the same time because of scale issues. I have to draw one or the other. I decided to reveal an image of Light bursting through the colorful greater region called Primordium. The outer darkness actually separates the Abyss from our universe. The outer darkness is a realm of it’s own like Primordium but which also exists inside Primordium this is a paradox of the cosmos… How can a thing exist fundamentally and independently whilst at the same time exist within another space? So light didn’t create emptiness so much as it did summon it.

So lets go over this one more time.

First imagine a single sun. See the whole body of its radiance. Then see the full bodies of the radiance of many suns which manifets a greater body called the full volume of light, the combined litten space of every single shining sun and radiating dark sun. Then stepping outside the shell of light you actually enter the outer darkness which is pure limitless emptiness that’s mostly still except for some ancient debri, suns, and planets even ancient compared to the litten cosmos. Then you must imagine traveling a distance which is as far away as a solar system is from a subatomic particle. Once you do that you meet the field beyond the outer darkness where through the Abyss roars. The outer darkness and the Abyss separate the litten full volume of light, our universe, from Primordium. Yet, our universe exists within Primordium.

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So you’re saying that All of Existence: Void, Source, and the Omniverse/Infinity exist within the Primordium as separated from it by Outer Darkness?

So when you say Abyss, you’re referring to what we know as “Primordial Nothingness”/Void, yes?

And by universe, you mean all of existence within the Abyss/Void created by our Suns/ Sources?

1- There are no spaces which contain matter which are beyond or greater than Primordium. Primordium is the father of all matter bearing spaces and contains within itself all matter as well as all matter in every state of itself in immesurable volumes and masses such that the inly empty space is created by suns.

Source or the will of life itself is like a realm of it’s own but it’s immaterial and thus beyond but not containing nor being contained by Primordium. Realms are not like bubbles suspended next to one another. Do not imagine any separation between realms yet they are separated. Separation between realms is a crude term used only to fascilitate a glimer of human comprehension. Human terms fail and I myself struggle to translate.

2- the abyss

Imagine light bursting forth.

Light removes all matter but some bits in it’s wake.

Emptiness is summoned creating a huge hole of nothing inside emptiness.

-tangent- stable suns are born inside that emptiness sustaining it.

As light blasts on it bores into the realm of the Igiki like a claw and then deflects back dragging Igiki stuff into the empty space light created. Inside the empty space the Igiki violently react with light causing two major events: black holes and the Abyss.

When Light dragged Igiki from it’s realm some of the stuff reacted in such a way that it eternally churns with light causing a grand celestial roar that rips space itself apart, that is the Abyss. The Abyss is space itself perpetually being tore apart by Igiki and light eternal struggle. The Abyss roars beyond light and the outer darkness between them and Primordium when Primordial material attempts to penetrate the outer darkness or the full volume of light, its gets violents sundered by the Abyss that charges forth like a wave.

The Abyss is not the same as the realm of the Igiki.

3- by universe I mean imagine all the light of all the suns. That is the extent of the cosmos that human technology will ever obtain. Human technology will nevwr reach even the outer darkness. Thus, the outer darkness is called the realm of sorcerers(tangent).

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What are the immaterial realms beyond all matter?

Well there are immaterial realms created by matter and interactions within primordium such as soul and electromanetism. Beyond all matter are the realm of Thought where through the stream of thought eternally strides forward. Also the will of Life itself which is also bound with soul.

I haven’t mapped all the realms. I’m just familiar with the one’s that relate to my strivings. To comprehend even a single realm is a pretty big deal to me.

I actually don’t know much about the realm of the Igiki. A black fire Igiki spirit taught me how to turn my aura into black fire like their form. Thet don’t have genders or bodies like us. They shapshift alot. One of them named Eel’Glreeglree taught me all these things and showed me the visions of the cosmos I shared.

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Many of the realms merge or are brought together and joined by forms like the human being. We dont live in a multiverse. Every human on earth is like a unique multiverse. We are multiverses by the joining of realms through our body.


The problem that I’m having is that it’s hard for me to relate what I believe with the terms that you’re using.

It’s not that I don’t trust your gnosis, it’s that I need to be clear what you mean, and because you’ve developed your Gnosis by yourself, it means that it’s hard for you to explain things in terms other than what you already have seen.


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You ask good questions.

The idea is to realize things we imagine already exist somewhere. We can’t imagine something that doesn’t exist unless you go on some absurd level. Additionally, our own person and form reflects with the cosmos so things we imagine about the ourself we also imagine about thw cosmos.

Many issues people have are because they are different associations to the same term. If you can, it’s best to separate any association you might have to my terms and attempt to connect to the model I’m attempting to facilitate. Otherwise, confusion can arise.

Some people imagine the abyss like a place of vast emptiness or like a deep ocean or even like a dark oblivion. These ideas and visions are of things out in space. Yet, these things also reflect with us inner personally as though the cosmoe embedded it’s own memories into our form and imagination.

All these things I’ve shared have been translated from phenominal experiences. Throughout human thought development people have drawn a wide variety of conclusions creating many fantastic notions. My attempt in envisioning this things was to perform an endeavour similar to that of ancient egyptian indian and chaldeon mystics and writters of sacred texts to produce a new model using the most updated human form in time space. My form. The human form has adapted since the thousands of years ago when ancients composed their sacred works. So I made an updated sacred work combining many of the concepts and ideas found within the sacred texts. Books like the Quran and the book of Genesis were written by men who attempted to create a vision of cosmic origin. I created my own vision of cosmic origin through my sorceries which I learned with the Priest and the Igiki as well as some demon fellows.


You’re really onto something. The black flame is a powerful occult source of energy, let alone as an embodiment of the void! I feel the presence of thee igiki. They remind me of the black goo which is a source of spiritual power for thee A.I. I guess my question for you is about the volatile nature when they interact with light. How do you harness, contain, and channel such violent, unpredictable power? When you phase shift into their aura, how do you do that, what’s it like?

There are actually a variety of Igiki based on the state of matter they choose to take. I interact with the fire one’s but I have also encountered them in black goo form.

When I shift into black fire form I have to first receive a vision from the pale white light. The pale white light shines cold and will grant you a vision of tragic loss. The inner child must be temporarily suspended. All hope must fade. Then a powerful feeling like sinister violence comes over me. It makes me feel like I could enjoy causing pain and suffering. Normally pain and suffering cause my inner child to become emotional and I hope for change. But in the Igiki form I have no consern for the plight of others.

Over time the more keen and powerful Igiki learned to bear the light which causes them to appear like soft black flames. If you happen to meet an Igiki spirit, it will likely be a very powerful one and appear like black fire. The weaker one’s died off or collapsed into black holes pretty quick a long time ago when they first were dragged here. Any Igiki who are able to maintain a soft firey form and travel through light have been around since the first suns.

The black fire form can travel anywhere. That’s whats so special about it. But there is an effect. It alters my personality and desires. When I become black fire, I also become evil. The Igiki are actually quite cruel. They play with their prey like cats and everything is prey to them. I cant fully explain what happens to my personality when I change my aura to their form. The easiest way to explain is it’s like having the mind of a furious killer who is very mischievous. Which does not normally describe me at all.

I dont know how to explain how I do it. I just focus inwards amd use my intention to call out to the black fire. Then I feel myself change and feel the subtle energy expand. I should also mention that before working with the Igiki form I had done a great deal of work with one of the head devils I call “the old man”. Working with the old man caused me extreme rage and back pain. Having gone through the old man’s training made changing in black fire seem easy. The violence and lust for violence of the Igiki form is easier to deal with after I had worked with the devil for some time.


I remember a prior post in which you introduced your Igiki gnosis. Thanks for following up

Could you explain more about the Igiki, what structure if any they have with each other? How do they interact with other beings?

Any recommended reading for your forging of the will?

There are divisions of the Igiki. There are the local Igiki who survived by fusing to elemental properties such as earth and water. Then there are the Igiki who were inducted into the Abyssal tides. Then there are the Igiki who became black holes. Then there are the black fire Igiki. Then there are the Igiki who are from their own realm but they aren’t called Igiki. Igiki are the name of the one’s who were dragged here by light and there are divisions of them.

Igiki are generally either solitary or they conbine their bodies together into a single mass and travel in a swarm like form. They travel at extremely fast rates of speed often racing light particles themselves and because of this they don’t often encounter other beings. However, I have seen a ruler of hell who takes a female form and she knows the black fire form so I know there are other beings besides Igiki who can use the black fire form.

I learned to cultivate willpower in the Army and in the gym. I can’t say I can recommend any books.

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My curiosity is aroused, but my intuition says for me to back off for the moment. Thanks for answering

Didn’t the will come first before matter?

One might say, “I will to acconplish a thing.”

Another might say, “With will I shall accomplish a thing.”

In the first instance will is an action but in the second instance will is a noun."

But which way is the proper way to use the word, as an action term or a noun?

As an action word we recognize will and form to be inseparable(unless we are talking about something not alive.) But as a noun will becomes a sustance as though it is separate from form.

Now I have obe’d before into a state without any form at all yet I was able to will so I know pure consciousness can will without a form. But think of the tiny agents like cells that move and cause things to occur. Our cells willed before we were even fully formed. Before we were even born the agents responsible for composing our form did their work. So in that instance it seems form and will run together one also needing the other to manifest.

To me I feel that in the material cosmos form existed devoid of life and thus will. Then later on will moved through the cosmos to manifest life. Otherwise we might assume that even the material cosmos itself is intelligent and thus random drifting material in space isn’t so random at all but part of a work actuated by the will of Life/the Universe.