The fountain of youth

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About a week and a half ago I was scouring some alternative medicine website and found mention of an old book called Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth. This book tells the story of the Five Tibetan Rites. The Five Tibetan Rites are basically some yoga-like movements that are supposed to get your chakras operating correctly. The book was originally published in 1939 and to be honest, it is a bit hokey, IMHO.

What caught my attention was the sheer volume of praise for the book. There are a lot of people making some wild claims as to the effectiveness of performing these rites. Eyesight returning to 20/20, arthritis going away, hair growing back and gray being replaced by brown, etc., etc.

I am about to turn 39 and some old spinal injuries have come back to haunt me in the past year or so. I have had so-so results with a chiropractor and don’t want to take pills, so I decided to download the book off Amazon and give it a try… OMG… I have been doing it for a week now and there is something to it. My neck used to hurt constantly and now I barely notice it! I am going to continue to perform the rites daily and see how it goes.

Some of y’all may not consider this magic, but if this works as well as many people claim, it is magic to me!

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Works great for increasing energy and strength conditioning in my experience. As far as I can tell it allows an increased synergism between the energetic and physical bodies for those who are not already doing other similar exercises.

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The original book is called The Eye of Revelation, published in 1939, and Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth, is an updated reprint, published in 1985, but these exercises are everywhere. I’ve got them in a book, simply titled The 5 Tibetans, and Donald Michael Kraig describes them in his book, Modern Magick. They are great exercises. There are entire websites devoted to them.

^ Thanks to everyone who’s posted, I’d never heard of these!

They’re listed, with animations, on their Wikipedia page:

I definitely want the book, in paperback, but until the next payment lands in my account, that should give us something to start with. Cheers!

You can learn to do them by watching a few YouTube videos but I still think it is worth getting your hands on the book. @ Lady Eva, I know what you mean. I couldn’t believe I had never heard of them before now!

  • “anti aging”

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  • “anti aging”[/quote]

The Five Rites stories are still much more eye popping. :o)

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  • “anti aging”[/quote]

The Five Rites stories are still much more eye popping. :o)[/quote]

As opposed to being real.

Tomorrow will be two weeks that I have been doing these exercises. I will report back in one month intervals. There are a few particular health issues that I will be monitoring for improvement. I also have another person started on the Five Rites. I will be paying attention to his reports also.

I’m going to bump this since the topic’s come up elsewhere - on a theme started by Poete, I started taking DMAE supplements recently and also using a skin cream which has DMAE in, and FYI that’s supposedly the secret ingredient of Perricone’s famous creams which do seem to get results, it had one negative study but the anecdotal evidence and my own experience so far have been good, it improved my skin.

I don’t know if anyone’s caught this story - it’s from the Daily Mail, not usually the home of quality journalism, but I saw it and decided to try it since the skin is the largest organ in the body, and if a systemic improvement in it can be achieved within 4 weeks simply by drinking water, I wanted to know what it could do for the rest of me: “Drinking three litres of water a day took TEN YEARS off my face.”

My results have been fantastic so far and even people who don’t really comment have remarked that I’m looking well. Since brain chemistry is a key part or magick, I figured this might be doing good things there as well, and I do look and feel healthier, though I slipped out the habit since last weekend and I’m going to use this topic coming up here as a reminder! :smiley:

How are you doing with your exercises Frater Ribeye? Did you keep it up, and how are the results if you did?

Up to 2.5 L H20 average intake at the moment here, goal of 4+. Will check out DMAE for supplementation.

Wow…seems I have even more learning to do…excellent:) Thanks!!!

I worked up to 2 litres within the first 3 days and decided to stay with that, I drink a lot of tea (Earl Grey or china tea as well as standard) and I like my bathroom, but don’t wish to spend all day in it. :smiley:

There’s a definite difference, and I felt the loss when I stopped as well, so I’m glad to have found that story (vanity will motivate me where nothing else would!).

Something I found was stressed in the older systems was drinking water during part of day/night when stomach and the digestion (intestines) are empty. Modern magazine articles seem to emphasize the drinking of water whenever- so during, before, after a meal… (let alone how modern foods take a while to process in the colon)…

some systems design so one day a week is a no-food fast (last food early evening the day before) that way in afternoon of the 'no-food' day.. system hasn't had any put in 

(so hopefully out of stomach… and perhaps out of “guts” vs not eat food all night and wakeup and allievate via a ‘movement’… where did that ‘waste’ come from? was holding-it-in all night… vs having emptied it)…
and then load up on water instead during that time (maximal absorption)

 [memories of Russian MartialArt events, where it began early after 'breakfast' (their way).. but then went all day (no break, hardly a water-break.. let alone something before evening meal).. not only not lunch-snacking, but not really a stopping.. and the "older" instructors (oft Russian Military trained, but civilian 'coaches' for a while and still 'giving the look' to the youngsters needing a break..   
 that they'd become used to that- redefined what is 'needed'  concentration and enthusiasm, let alone continual 'movement' (and energetic-output) to me.]

Reminds me of scientific studies of best “weight-loss” method- pure caloric (ice-water= water cooled down, thus core body temp heats it back up… could then calculate so many ml, per the temperature delta = amt of ‘cost’ so how much water, per how cold, equals pounds lost (or kg, or stones) part of a lab I recall from High School Chemistry… also stuck in mind… and then people heard of think- I put ice in my water that I drink during dinner… not quite the same thing… need concentrate the water drinking during certain time, and larger amt… on empty stomach)

… but Too-Much water drunk releases toxins into your system. (washing out the fat soluability, as well as dissolving what is saturated in system)- thus the term “getting wonk” (drunk on water?) … anyway, noticable affect (oft referred to as 'de-tox" or “healing affect” if done to a smaller degree…
<reminds me of weight-training"cycling" -short bursts, with a slow-down/break period, then ramp back up… vs steady on, which system can accomodate to>

Something that relates 5Tibetans type movements (direct Ha-Tha Yoga link- [oft interpreted as the “physical, non-energetic yoga” :slight_smile: although it is all about the Sun/Stellar&Moon/Lunar/dream? currents combining (thus HaTha being “yoga-ed” san-yama.] )
the interior activation of A) left and right “churning” (there is a sanskrit name for, as well as the holding of breathe that can isolate it, although that allows access and it can be “worked” without involving that later… and B) absorb into the central-core of guts, and “lift”, and repeat. (both are to be Worked with digestion not in use, and working them clears out further what is ‘held" there…)… also (A) is not just Left and Right (and has an in/towards spine, and not ‘out’ but just neutral, which in tandem with L&R results in a horizontal/flat circle seen from above, either clockwise or counter-) [details to that, but these do alot…]
These in Indonesian martial arts work (along with slowing, but not stopping at either Full lungs (in), or at Empty Lungs (ex), as change-over: “Tube of Toothpaste” the torso/limbs and get a goosebumps-chills-zap (TeNaga Dalum, ~power of inner-"naga’…) develops power used (and channeled in possession of the Elemental-essences, with the expression via “forms”… as well as direct via the Steps of Creation-circle, to develop one’s crystalization (development ~Ascension, as well as power-devel: martial as well as SIDDHI-type “expressions”).

[ the “sixth-rite” relate to all the above, and the five rites relate to linking up and preparing the system- . ]

note- along with the 5 tibetans, and water “drinking” there is a Russian Health Tech of cold-water “dousing” (not using a dousing-rod :)- a bucket of water, chilled, then stand upon the ground (ideally bare feet ideally one soil or grass… and this being “Russian” yes it was done in bare feet, even when ice and snow all around- they’d clear off a spot from snow and dump… the water hitting the head-shoulders-body as a solid unit (not a “shower” or stream… but dumped as a bucket is a different thing- physics aspects, related to ions also surface tension having sat/settled, distributed chilled temp…)
Mentioned as impacts health over time, but also (espec on a fast day- they’d have days they had no food and no water for a full day- and do 2,3 or even 4 Douses during day- as the skin can “drink” a good day of water through the pores)… espec if you have become accustomed to the bucket dump each day for a week or two… <thus can relate to cleansing/prep magical cycles prior to Encounter (or portal opening).>

[regarding absorbing water through skin… I recall having a weigh-in making weight having dehydrated down a bit, took a shower only, weighed again and (I forget detail) but like over a pound gained… hadn’t drank (or eaten). only showered, so all it could be… besides the air I was breathing] ("You think that’s air you’re breathing? hmm -Morpheus, in The Matrix

Yes, most days now I usually only eat breakfast and lunch unless I’ve worked physically or gotten really tired out in the day, I believe leaving a good long window of time when you just plain don’t eat is good anyway.

Apart from at Yule when I eat anything that can’t run away! :slight_smile: Especially if it’s covered in chocolate…

But seriously modern society has made hunger something to be afraid of, so-called experts earnestly advise overweight people to eat six small meals a day - what a great way to make people think hunger must be terribly bad and your stomach must always be full, or being filled! Grr. Sorry, I can get a bit ranty about this stuff, and it’s not like I’m perfect myself but it really annoys me a lot.

Good point about not drinking too much in a short period, water intoxication is really nasty and especially with the current low-salt fad.

the 6 smal meals thing is to give a steady and managable stream of nutrients at times when the body is likely to need them, the problem with that is that they don’t tell people what “small” means and they also give very little idea of what to actually eat as part of those 6 small meals. It’s advice that can work if people doa little researc hand tailor it to their body’s needs but it’s all based on an “average” person, so it’s unlikely to be the best way for anyone, but it’ll mostlikely not work out too badly either.

I see that stuff is closely related to chlorine. Ever hear of Jim Humble and his Miracle Mineral Suppliment (MMS)?

So’s salt - sodium chloride. :slight_smile:

Like all supplements, it’s one to research - and pay close attention to any changes when you start taking it, ideally not changing anything else much for a week before or after so you know how it’s making you feel.

Ever hear of Jim Humble and his Miracle Mineral Suppliment (MMS)?

I just looked that up, seems a bit wacky - I’ve never read similar experiences happening with DMAE, except one guy on a body-builder forum who said it made him feel weird, but he seemed to be taking large amounts under the mistaken impression more’s always better.

I just looked that up, seems a bit wacky - I've never read similar experiences happening with DMAE, except one guy on a body-builder forum who said it made him feel weird, but he seemed to be taking large amounts under the mistaken impression more's always better.

isn’t that kinda par for the course with bodybuilders? As a general they’re all about “MUST BE HUUUUUUUGE!!!” and less about maximizing the capabilities of what they have before packing on another 8 inches of muscle.

It’s a shame I’ve not seen this topic before…Been so busy. I’m going to start doing the exercise for varies reasons not nessesarly because I want to look younger…

lol I’m 27 and people assume I’m younger then I am. Best questions/ compliment on my age have been Someone thought I was 22 and best one someone thought I was 19.

I’ve a got a book on Iron body Nei Kung, stories say that those who practice should live to be 1000, and why the hell not?

I just read this book today, got a free PDF

the exercise are easy but I’m going over it to make sure I get them all right. I can just image the day when I’m 80 and folks say I look late twenties early thirties lol