The Forum

Is it me or the energetic field of this forum has changed??? It’s almost like Belial is here with us already. Watching and protecting over the group.

Anyone concur???


Yes, yes he is. Lord Belial is ten different kinds of badass.


Some of us been working pretty hard on stuff, which draws on the Belial-nature within, my little sugarplum… :wink:


Oh I wish I could say what we’ve done.

It’s not just belial, it’s abaddon, lucifer, and all sorts of crazies.


…he talks sometimes. Never mentions names, but he talks.
So yeah, I get the picture…

On my end, though, no one better to have your back in a fight.


Who does?


Oh. Honestly I may share my work. May I, @Lady_Eva?

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Not everyone else’s, just mine specifically, unless you want me to?

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Yeah, all the stuff I shared was cleared for sharing, if your spirits say go then go! :+1:

No. Not at all. Lately I have noticed an upsurge in victim mentality and have seen more than one decent mind walk away from the forum. If this is Belial’s presence then he must turn the weak into utter pussies and the strong into antisocial (albeit possibly stronger) types.

Or maybe it is just Spring Fever.


Belial is the man!


Mental breakdown is something really common around anyone working in any field of spirituality, and we re not saved by that on Black magick!

A initial state/feelings of “loneliness” is often the fruit of a hard work on spirituality too, it comes and go, but also, it is not something we should attach ourselves, it is just a moment to pass, when we are not understanding what is going on in our head, getting way for a moment it is even a life saver!

I am not a expert, but i think Belial wants us to be independent in our minds, but at same time gregarious,
without be dependent on others,
Or this forum would never exists!


So what have you been doing?

The work with abaddon payed off. The violet flame is so potent.

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My base/mortal form is that of a angelic demon (fallen angel). I now hold that kind of power and energy instead of “muggle” state. It’s difficult to explain. I’ll be writing a post, soon @Eye_of_Ra


Enemy(s) dealt with. Anyway I pissed Lady E off with that other post I made, and I understand why she was upset. It probably made our enemies happy. I wanted to lay low and play it off while I worked on resolving the issue. Two, I wanted to give fair warning to back off. Three, I wanted to watch the thread for my suspect’s response. Maybe two years in prison made my mind work differently than others in war time. :man_shrugging:
And other troops worked on it as well, not my issue alone but the larger group issue. That’s also what I wanted to happen, but was probably already happening.
Moral is I’m here, just going to be less active than before. Call it going underground if you want. I have my reasons. Alpha wolf protects his pack. And other projects taking priority. Feel me fam?


Pissed at the post yes, not at you as a person in any lasting manner. Shit happens.

Stay safe and do what you have to do. :+1:


That’s not what I mean. I mean there seem to be more cases of “I want to kill because my ego was offended and I don’t want to do what I know might solve the problem because I don’t feel like it so I am just going to curse, kill and hatefuck everyone who does not give me my way because me, me mememe me me me!!!” going on lately. Maybe it is just Spring Fever kicking up the angst, like I said.

On Belial: Everyone focuses on the interpretation of his name being “without a master”, but I don’t think they are looking past the meaning in that name beyond what appeals to them.

Consider that a being without a master cannot then be master of itself, either. Without a master. Take that however anyone wishes, but we could spend hours mulling that one over.