The forms of Satan Lucifer 😈

as of lately I have been seeing and vibing these spirit forms the most I will list them

1 a little child young boy always sitting next to me and holding my hand he is always silent and you can feel dark infernal even wicked evil energy from him has pale white skin and dark soulless eyes

2 the clown jester form looks like out of a comic book like Spawn a demonic clown with the traditional white face blue eye make up and big red nose has an IT quality sharp razor teeth and demonic high pitched laughter

2 a great dragon serpent of black or dark green color or a pit of poisonous snakes

3 goat headed winged demon could just be Baphomet though

4 a blue and green peacock or a bright colorful rainbow light

now these visions come as mental images being projected into my astral eyes I do not physically see them sitting in front of me in touchable form…

let me know on this one if my senses are good and correct…

I can tell you now I see the little boy and the demonic clown the most lately the boy is always standing behind me or holding my astral hand

I also see the clown which is a new one for me he looks like the clown from the movie Spawn mixed with IT from the classic TV movie not the new film… always waving and holding a red balloon or making twisted laughter never speaks as well

for the most part these spirit visions are always silent and never speak outside of mental images and energy vibes…

this is basically what they look like



it’s like I adopted an astral spirit child always feel like leaving him out offerings of candy I just wonder why Satan likes showing this form of him


Ahahha, Lucius :))

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Lucifer appeared to me in some way similar to Azazel and once I even saw Him once in front of me while I evoked Him. I was seeing just His body outline/contour and He was made of pure energy, of colors. And I also saw His sigil projected on the wall that was in front of me and glowing in a yellow color as He was there in the room with me, in front of me, I felt really sedated and it still reminds me of trips with trihexyphenidyl.

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Peacock could be Satan as he represents Pride.
Baphomet is a demon on his own.
They could easily just be lower class demons or the unquiet dead.

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Baphomet is an archetype of the Infernal empire, hence why many demons appear like Baphomet.

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