The forces of the left hand path


Does anyone know other entities/forces/races separate from demons which are on demons side in other words are on the left hand path ?

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Djinn’s, Shadow beings, Vampiric spirits, dark elves, dark Titans, daemons, dragons, skinwalkers, Div’s.

Plus LHP Gods and Godesses like …

Ahriman, Shiva, Loki, Tiamat and Loads more.


Thank you so much it was truly helpful and just one more thing…

I want to make a pact with all of them in return for a service that I’m sure they will want so how should I do it and is this possible ?

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Well creating a pact with every single LHP beings is overkill, one being or a few is understandable but not all of them.


What I’m going to do requires all of them and I can easily give them what they want in return

But I didn’t mean making pacts with them one by one…

I meant one with all

How can I do this ? please tell me


You make a pact with the darkness itself.

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Nethers. Dark lords.

Ok thank you so much

Ah, good point.