The Fool Reversed

I’m just going to go down the line.

In an upright reading this card is about beginning the journey, naivety, and childlike curiosity. most of you have you own understanding of this card upright so I won’t bother going into it.

here’s what I have gathered about the reversed card. Indecision, Stupidity, Mania, insanity and the unfortunate fool.

In the upright card the fool is ready to set out on a journey, one that will be a long, but direct route to the world card. in the scenario where he is reversed, the world is just one possible destination, and he can’t bring himself to choose just one. he is stuck at a crossroads and refuses to go down any of the roads, for fear of losing the opportunities that the other paths present.

well this is kind of obvious, one of the primary features of the fool upright is ignorance and naivety. he is completely lacking in experience, in this instance the traits have become stupidity. this inability to learn from mistakes will make a halt in the fools progress.

the energetic and childlike enthusiasm of the fool upright has passed into the realm of excess in this interpretation. the fool is possessed by an excessive drive that will bring only destruction. this is usually accompanied by the chariot, upright or reversed(depending on the whether it can be used or not).

the fool is a step a way from madness as it is. and in this case he jumps off the deep end.

the unfortunate fool
to be a successful fool you need one thing above all else, dumb luck. the ability for things to go your way magically as paths open up and the way is made clear. sometimes people possess all of the positive aspects of the fool other than this one thing, and the result is not favorable to say the least.

next up the magician reversed.