The Five Gods of GW Lore

So, I have an abiding love for fiction, especially when the lore is COMPLETE. The mythos of Master Lovecraft is a phenomenal example of how one person can bend reality into a different shape that includes beings never before acknowledged.

That said, Lovecraft treated his topics as though they were real (since they probably were). He never ever robed his writings in fictional veils except for WHO he actually sold his stories to. This makes his work the most plausible universe-spanning mythos I have ever seen.

However, and don’t laugh too much at me, the creators of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k have made a lore for their game that’s even more complete than Master Lovecraft’s mythos. There are hundreds of books, novella, short stories and the like describing everything in the Warhammer universe-- including the five major Deities and dozens of minor Deities.

So, has anyone here tried to have a chat with any of them? I understand these entities are entirely and recently created by people who know they’re creating fiction, but I don’t really think that matters.


I wont laugh. I play 40K and AoS. I’ve never read any of the books, though my son used to read them. He plays as well. But, you’re right, it’s an extensive and continually evolving mythos those boys have created. It may be possible the Chaos Gods have become egregores, but I’ve never tried contacting them. Give it a try and see what happens.


Perhaps I shall at that, though I am almost certain it will be difficult to get their attentions. The one I would most like to talk to has a deep hatred of magick, considers it cheating. I suppose I need to take up martial arts again, heh!

I am certain that the Emperor of Mankind is a God-level egregore, I have seen an awful lot of hails to Him, and they hold power even when given in jest


Skulls for the Skull Throne! Blood for the Blood God!

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Hail to the Master of Blood and Rage! Hail to the Bloody Champion!

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Yeah, totally letting my nerd side show…


All my sides are nerd sides. I just said i wanted to learn to fight better so i could speak with the Lord if Blood…