The first time I attempted to evoke King Paimon

Last month I became obsessed with evoking King Paimon, and I wanted to have some feedback from others on this since I’m new to this.
I was prompted to purchase items to make a beautiful offering for our introduction. I got 9 deep blood red roses, dark fresh cherries, fancy cheese cake bites, chocolates, very fine dessert wine, a black sweet scented candle and sandlewood incense cones. I had drawn up His signal the day before.
I set up the roses in a vintage vase and arranged the food gifts on a beautiful, antique china plate. Lit the incense and the candle, then turned out all the lights and recited his enn over and over. I heard my voice grow louder and much deeper and noticed that the room had heated up and I felt heated from inside. I didn’t ‘see’ him with my mortal eyes, but I felt a definite presence directly behind me that reached up to the ceiling and encompassed me from side to side. Even though I was nervous, it was a steady and pleasant energy. Inside my head I heard “get your pendulum” so I gathered my crystal pendulum which is decorated with an Egyptian scarab and this is how I communicated and the crystal swung like I’ve never seen it go before. Then I felt like the heat left the room and I knew or just felt that the offerings were accepted. I turned on the lights, let the candle burn for awhile, then when I walked into the kitchen I stopped in my tracks because a closet door that is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to open was standing WIDE OPEN. The closet door, which is at the center of my house opened on it’s own—only me and one cat were in the house, and I know the cat didn’t open that door. I felt so strongly that this was King Paimon’s way to show me that He had come into my house and then left through that door. That closet in the kitchen used to open to another closet in the dining room. After this first meeting things have been different but in a positive way.
Three days later there was a fair in town and there were two camels across the street from my house, which I thought was really cool since King Paimon rides on a dromedary.
I’d love to read about other people’s experiences too. Now I’m feeling like it was no accident that I finally found out about King Paimon. I will confess that I was really scared when I began reciting His enn because it was a totally new experience to me.


Cool, sorry that I can not say the same about my experiences !!! (well leaves for the).

Would you mind if I pm you I have questions about king piamon

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sure–I’m going to sleep soon (morning comes early) but I will chat with you :slight_smile:

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Hello, I’m new to all this. What do you do with all the offerings after the ritual?

I keep them out for atleast 8hrs! Keep them out for how long you see enough! Some say 24hrs… then just drain/flush, burn what you can and dump the rest! A proper way is burying it if you can!

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Thank you so much! :heart: