The First Non Jew to Visit Dietician on Christmas Day

I went to the dietician today, as he had an appointment vacant this morning at the last minute. He was very helpful and gave me a framework I can work with. On my way out he said: “You’re not Jewish are you?” I replied, “No I am not but my best friend is!” He laughed and said that I was the first non Jew he has seen on Christmas day in 20 years. I looked him straight in the eye and said, “This tells you how much I like Christmas doesn’t it!!” He bantered “I won’t wish you a Merry Christmas then!” As i walked out the door I said “Please don’t. Someone did this morning and got into trouble. Satan looks nice!!” He just about doubled over in gales of laughter. If he only knew.


Are you in the Southern Hemisphere? It’s still xmas eve where I am.

I wish people Merry Christmas when they wish me ‘Happy Holidays’ just because I’m very over the PC thing and being told how to talk. I’ll probably work later in the day, I did my celebrations on the solstice, and it was a doozy of a solstice, so.


Yes I am in the Southern Hemisphere. I don’t wish anyone anything anymore. It is a relief to be free of the obligation to do Christmas and I revel in my increasing freedom. Like you I am not into PC either. I don’t seem to be into any observances of solstices or other power points at this time. I am obsessed with calling the Dark Deities in and walking around with them inside me. As the day goes on if I don’t feel them so much, I simply reaffirm my request. The air thickens and I feel them stronger through my energy body. Not into talking with them much as I get too agitated and my mind needs to just shut up. I am aiming to work without tools so the connection with the Dark Deities can be felt anywhere anytime. I was reading the Compendium of Belial for the first time through my tears of joy this morning: feeling that devotion is very powerful and I went into a deep space of Silence. Then Belial released something palpable within my stomach. As for the rest of this day, I’ll just be immersing myself and making more substantial contact.

Cool! I like doing this too, if it’s the same thing, not sure - invoke and keep the merging as long as possible. I find it stays longer without a lot of maintenance if I don’t eat and just have water.

I like Belial a lot, solid, bang-up guy. I don’t find him dark, but I guess it depends on the definition of dark.
(“Darkness” to me means, “violating free will for fun”- there are entities I do find dark and I usually find their existence offensive and try to kill them :slight_smile: )

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Yes that’s it. The food thing gets in the way for sure. I haven’t been eating so much lately and so the connection has been consistent, it’s just in unusual places when distraction is greater that it is more challenging. Though I did get to see a single black candle flame in one of my landscape surveys in a weird location the other day. I was just watching the Pathworking and he is Awesome, no nonsense kinda guy. Perhaps darkness translates as unknowable depth, I feel that as I am drawn deeper within to silence, it’s a kind of buoyancy at one point, yet necessary loss of identification with mind because the dark essence is too deep to sustain it. The other types I have zero time for and simply avoid/repel them. I like the idea of the release of bindings Belial promises yet that which binds is that which one finds most attachment to. Perhaps reframing one’s attachment to single pointed focus on one’s own dark Ascent makes the release of the bindings/non serving attachments alot more attractive.