The Final Lottery Thread: At Least It Should Be

If I win millions using a method learned here, you better believe everyone will get some… :wink:


Cool, I should do the Euro lottery which goes up to £140,000,000 sometimes - then I’ll buy us all an abandoned volcano, and we can take over the world from it! :o)

Hope no-one here’s allergic to cats?

Seriously, it’s a fascinating idea, but would it work - that’s a whole other question! I’m not much for gambling, but it’s always been something that fascinates magicians, I believe there are spells in the Greek Magical Papyri to help people win at games of chance.


i actually tried this a few months ago. my ticket rolled over and i got free tickets for five weeks in a row, plus i won $20 one of those weeks which i used to buy another ticket. the weekend of the win there was a lot of confusion to where i thought it was me! all the signs were pointing to me as a winner, but there was something i did and after that the feeling went away. it’s like winning was one slipstream result and based on one thing i did, all of a sudden i went into another slipstream where i didn’t win. so i do believe poete is onto something regarding time manipulation and tracking down a winner to or change the #s.

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My 2 cents worth… Fuck lotteries!

First, how many millions or at least hundreds of thousands of people are unintentionally pouring emotional, mental, spiritual and psychic energy into each big lottery drawing? How many other people are performing rituals or divination for each drawing? Your effort may be nothing but a psychic fart in a psychic hurricane.

Second, if I figured out how to win the powerball lottery using magical means I wouldn’t tell ANYBODY. Not even anonymously on a forum.

Third, I have had far better results with money magic by applying it to business and work than I have trying to win lottery money. In fact, it looks like I am going to get the break of a lifetime in the near future. I was given this news a few days after performing a ritual aimed at this particular business opportunity.

Fourth, the next time I decide to apply magic to any sort of gambling, it will be poker. You are pitted against only a handful of other people and not millions of other people or the house. Poker actually requires more skill and patience than luck. A magical boost may be exactly what is called for if you want to sharpen your mind, strengthen your patience and have the cards fall your way more often. :slight_smile:

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you are 100% right!


we’re magicians. we all want something for nothing.

that’s why we are here on this board (and elsewhere online and off).

the whole point of magick (at least the way it’s practiced) isn’t to maximize ambition - you don’t need magick for that - the point of magick as it is practised by most if not all of us on this board, is to cheat fate.

so yes, even though lotteries and other magickal applications are not worth our time, we’re still going to try for them even though deep down we know our time is better spent elsewhere.

it’s all a part of the self-deception we all engage in in the magickal arts.


There may be some kind of “logic” to the lotto and winning I’d like to know if numbers in general have a vibrational frequency to them

[quote=“the fool, post:30, topic:1099”]we’re magicians. we all want something for nothing.

that’s why we are here on this board (and elsewhere online and off).

the whole point of magick (at least the way it’s practiced) isn’t to maximize ambition - you don’t need magick for that - the point of magick as it is practised by most if not all of us on this board, is to cheat fate.

so yes, even though lotteries and other magickal applications are not worth our time, we’re still going to try for them even though deep down we know our time is better spent elsewhere.

it’s all a part of the self-deception we all engage in in the magickal arts.[/quote]

After reading a bunch of lottery posts, it does seem like “The Lottery” has an almost magical ability to sucker a lot of people, magicians included, into feverishly spending a lot of resources (money, time, energy) into something that rarely pays off, even with with magical effort.

I am guilty of it too. But, like I said before, I have had much better results using money magic in other ways. So from now on, I will put my time, effort and magic into things that actually have a history of paying off big time for me.

i think lotteries play to our vanity. everyone wants to think they can beat the odds.

there is also the element of being able to do the impossible, or the find order in chaos using magick as a spiritual neural network.

the spiritual aspect is pretty tempting. does a spirit force favor any of us? can it prove it by bestowing a favor on one at the expense of many?

the economics of it are extremely compacted. what it takes a tycoon to earn in years or decades can be won in a night at a draw.

technically it is impossible to win the lottery but the way i look at it, someone wins any individual lottery roughly every 6 to 8 weeks, so the mathematical odds even out.

also, i have known a couple of lottery winners. the energy that comes off of them after they have won is truly something to behold.

it has been said that all lottery winners lose their prizes within 1 or 2 years of winning them but that i feel is an old wives’ tale. for those who lose their wins it takes roughly 5 to 8 years to happen and it usually happens because they get expensive taste. most lottery winners actually keep their wins if they manage to keep their spending down until they fade from public view. and quite a few increase their wins substantially. lottery wins can be the spur to genuine economic greatness.

i’m not really that surprised that people love lotteries. they actually are pretty fascinating, all told.

I just remembered something…

Back in the late 80s, a relative of mine won $2,000,000 in the lottery. she chose to have it paid out over something like 18 years. Every January she would quit her crappy minimum wage job and live off the lottery check until about September. The money would run out and she would go back to work at her crummy job. That went on for 18 years or so. The whole time she lived in a dumpy little ghetto house but always drove a late model car! lol.

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that is because wealth is in the mind not in the wallet.

when i was younger my dad’s friend won the lottery. immediately he left his wife and took up with hookers. he also left all of his friends high and dry. he burned through his lottery money in about 3 years and then came back but by then nobody wanted to have anything to do with him. so that DOES happen.

however, i also knew a woman at my old workplace who won $11 million. she didn’t do anything crazy with her money, she paid her bills and invested the rest carefully. she’s still going strong 7 years later.

it all comes down to you. all money spends the same. if you’re bad with money now you’ll be bad with it later, if you know the value of a dollar now you’ll know the value of it later.

i do believe the riches to rags stories you hear are a hedge against poor man’s jealousy when people find out that others have won a prize.

however, having taken the time to not only learn about lotteries, but also to learn about how winners live after they win, i now know that about half of all lottery winners end up worth MORE after 10 years after they win. the other half are worth about the same because they elevate their spending habits but not their saving habits.

people who take annual payouts do less well. the smarter winners take a lump sum. you can do way more damage with a lump sum if you invest it wisely and take advantage of compound interest, which is your main weapon in wealth creation.

those who take the time to connect with a reputed financial manager and follow up by taking a financial management course and building a financial team to handle their money do the best.

anyone who spends more than 5% of their wins within the first 6 months is on the road to disaster. the actual key to winning and keeping a win is to calculate a safe return on investment for the lump sum and create a budget to live off of half of THAT amount, putting the other half back into investment.

example, if you won $10 million, instead of running out and buying a house, if you get your financial managers to find you securities investments that kick back 2.5% interest per year, that works out to $250k/yr. half of that is $125k/yr and THAT $125k is what you live off of. NOT the $10 million. the other $125k/yr goes to top up the $10 million you won, which you do not touch. the next year your livable income would be $253,125 and again you’d live off of half of that and reinvest the rest. and so on and so forth. at first you wouldn’t be worth a whole lot more than you are now but over time it builds up, especially if you find investments that have higher returns.

if you really look at those numbers you’ll see that $125k for a lot of people is just a middle class income and is not worth quitting your job over. that is why you often hear lotto winners say i’m not quitting my job just yet. those are the smart ones. they understand you can’t live high off the hog even with a lump sum, you have to put your money to work first and let it grow interest before you can walk away from your responsibilites. people with a broke mindset think that a win is a guarantee of a spending spree but that isn’t how life works.

you have to be smart with your money regardless of how much or little you have of it. winning a lottery isn’t a free ticket to anything, it’s just you getting upfront what others get in smaller installments. you still have to exercise your wisdom.

that to my way of thinking and based on what i have learned about lots and money, is how you get the real benefit of a lottery win, and how you properly thank the spirits for giving you that win.


What about the lottery game which played in all over the world. Like in india shillong teer results. In thailand people love to play thai lottery game and in us Powerball what about the other lottery game.

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3 pens from me. Lottery is a business and it Must earn money. When it earn a lot of money? When people lose. Why people lose? Cus of their tactics of Taking numbers. Look at it from the owners side.

Lottery is also lower prizes not only Main jackpot. So think about it. machine would take numbers that are almost non played by random generator in shops and non played by people at all. Then you have lowest payouts for all people playing.

For example u have a jackpot 100 mln . Then u have 2 prize, 3 prize etc. So earings from tickets should be around 400mln to pay people. The lowest payout the more their earn. Also look at that almost everytime there is only 1 combi action of winning numbers. Why is that? Cus the winning number ale completly most non Playable numbers. Of course u Can play like 1, 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8 but this is stupidty. Winning number have to look like randoms. And another thing there is no Such machine like random number generator. Human created this. Human programed this. And it only looks like random number but theyarent. Why guys Who created machines and other workes Who sit in ‘this buis’ are prohibited to play???

Ohh 1 thing. Plx if you win big jacpot accumulator thanks to this post dont forged about me. Few mln Will be enough :heart::heart:

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Can you explain better?

What part?

You could also evoke the lottery itself, and my lil’ brother had a few run-ins with it himself, although this was real early in his not-too-focused practice days. He didn’t get much because, well, he was dickin’ around. In India lottery sambad will be available to provide you the official guides and tips That in different countries lot’s of methods and ideas to get the updates of lottery game. Can’t say I could blame him, we weren’t on shit at that time. But you could evoke it and see what happens.

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Hey man it aint paimon, its KING PAIMON , i demand some respect

I see some guys use numbers, but honestly, invocacion not sure get results, yes i have call a few spirts, , bcse invocation may be be ok. But not truly or close, the only spell i knw is doing 40 nights a 10 mnts pray, at least at 12 am. And after tat time thr spirt give you a hint at which numbers to play.or invoqe spirts of night, whit meat and alcohol offering

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Yes please