The fifty names of marduk

Has anyone ever worked with THE FIFTY NAMES OF MARDUK? And if so what was your experience ?


I have. I can’t even remember, it’s been long. I didn’t work around it because i need their service but i approached it because i have doubt if the names there are real or not lol i can’t even pronounce some.

But it’s real. No fear, all went well.

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Thank you

Helped with protecting some loved ones.

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They seem to be very good at protection. As long as when you make contact your intentions are already laid out cause if not and you seem to try and waste time it can go bad for you.

I clicked this and expected a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey. :joy:



his 50 names reminds reminds me of an article with the names of apollo
maybe marduk has connection to him…

I found that through my studies there are a lot that is connected. I think it’s amazing.


same! amazing isnt it?
so shamash is not apolo.
marduk is apollo

first i thought that shamash is apolo becuase they are both sun god
but marduk is too…
sometimes this confuse me a lot…

I read that as filthy names…