The Faustian Spirit Pamniel

In Faust’s Magia naturalis et innaturalis
are some spirits mentioned in pictures
without real descriptions of themselves.

One of these is Pamniel - The Spirit of Theft.
There is no sigil to be found. We only have his
name. When I firstly called Amodiel - the Spirit
of Whores - his name was enough.



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I am intrigued. I have never looked through that book. Please let us know your experiences with it! :smiling_imp:

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I had short contact with Amodiel - The Whore Spirit. He appeared headless with hat.
Then he disappeared and later while sleeping
I awoke due to a man standing next to my bed
looking at me. That was a shock. I screamed
and he disappeared.

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Yeah… Ive definitely had that happen before. It’s quite unnerving. Happened a lot when I first started spirit work. Not so much anymore. It should get better eventually

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Any idea how I could get Amodiel back?
When I made contact firstly, I only called his name in my flat and he showed himself shortly.
Now he does nothing when I call him.
I have no sigil of him to call him into my mirror.

Make a sigil for him. or use his picture as a scrying surface. Use a pendulum to determine if the sigil is acceptable to the spirit

In truth a name is all you need. Just use the name as a mantra and be open to what shows up

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