The Faustian Pact of the Treefold Coercion of Hell

I want to write about a short part of the page I upload after. For making a Pact you use the Faustian Grimoire. On the book the spirit swears.

You shall give your Faust book to a
Altar Server to let it be consecrated.
Three holy masses should be spoken upon your book “thereby the spirits may not dispraise it”.

This is what I considered very interesting.

The part after this Faustian ‘basis advice’
is about the Lights you take with you into the Circle, the Incense, the consecration of the coal fire, and the consecration of the Circle.

According to this book ‘‘Magia naturalis et innaturalis’’ Dr. Faust made a Pact with Mephistophiel for 24 years. According to
the cast of a play in Theatre Mephisto told
Dr. Faust after ten years he would die soon.
A melancholic End of a Pact, isn’t it?

In german Theatres is sung:
“Was nützen Gold, Verstand & alles Wissen,
wenn wir am End’ damit zur Hölle müssen?”

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