The Father Of Darkness - Infernal Ignition (The Lowest Priced Group Ritual For Hire Ever.)


The Father Of Darkness - The Infernal Ignition (Group Ritual For Hire).

This is by far one of the best and my most favourite rituals for hire, this is a ritual in which I will call on you as one of the children of darkness, to come stand before the father of darkness. I will call on the nine demonic gatekeeper, to stand with you to initiate you into their inner circle. Using the infernal obelisks power I will then create a unfathomable ignition, with the intermingled energies of the father of darkness and the infernal obelisk, to then enter your spiritual bodies. Igniting the blackened fire of you soul, this will cause a dramatic increase in the blackening of your energy body, increasing the infernal energies and frequencies within you.

The benefits of this infernal ignition, are as follows.

  1. The Father Of Darkness Bestows Upon You His Blessing.
  2. The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, Will Enter Your Energy Body Leading To You Becoming A Infernal Nexus (Empowerment).
  3. The Dark Energies/Infernal Powers Will Destroy The Blockages Within You’re Being. (Cleansing/Clearing Blockages).
  4. Ignition Of The Black Flame - As The Infernal Black Flame Ignites, It’s Power Will Triple As It Will Be Stimulated By These Diplomats Of Outer Darkness.
  5. The Demonic Forces/Forces Of Outer Darkness Will Clear The Path For You. Ensuring Your Path Is Cleared For The Goals & Ambitions You May Have.

All of this for the very low price of £50, how is insane is that just £50 and all of you will be called in an evocation, literally standing around the circle ready to receive these dark infernal gifts. Allow the father of darkness to emerge from the abyss, to sink his fangs into the veil ripping through it and breathing his blackened fire into your being, carried by this fiery obsidian embers are his powers, his protection and blessings.

This Ritual Will Be Performed On The 9th Of April.


@C.Kendall I would love to, but how would I get payment to you?

I just messaged you.

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Huh, I wouldnt consider myself the type to pay for ritual or spellwork, but this is really calling my name. I guess ill think about this

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What if we have already recieved a dark blessing from both Lucifer and the Gatekeepers? Im mostly interested in this for clearing/working through blockages and providing impetus for further action.


I’m interested in this one.

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I would like to say thank you for making something like this available. There are so many out there that need a solid foundation to start their practice.

It’s no secret I work exclusively with The Nine and when I read what your doing I could hear their echoing voices in unison that this working was indeed inspired and created by them. They are already awakening those individuals that need this and I have no doubt in the success of this working.

Ram Ham Satalos!


Ram Ham Satalos :fire:


Hmm :thinking: I’m not sure


im interested in joining in, how would you like me to pay you?


Hell yeah!!! I hear it too. Just broke as fuck from quarantine.

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I feel you, and by the time I can get some funds for Kendall, all the spots may be taken, I don’t want him to reserve a spot either because that money is not guaranteed. Which that spot could have gone to a paying customer, I want this, but I don’t want to waist his time either.

Hi Conner…

Would you recommend this for me?

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I’m interested in this too.

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Are there spots?

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You would have to talk to @C.Kendall if there are any available spots left, I know a lot of us that are interested, I wish you strength and the power the dark blessings that would be bestowed upon you.


Where did he mention that there are spots?

He PM’ed me personally, so put here, your interested, and ask how to contact him, he should PM you, but don’t expect a response right away, because tonight is the big night for him, it’s the…

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Sign me up :raised_hands::smiling_imp:


@C.Kendall I would like to be a part of this, what details do you need and how would you like to paid?