The fallicy of egregores

Here lately I’ve been meditating on myself as an individual and on the devils and a popular myth about devils or spirits and all beings in general being egregores came up except it wasn’t to confirm that myth it was to prove it wrong. There are hive minded demons like legion but hive minded demons but they are ulimately mindless, weak, hollow spirits with no true intellectual thought.

The devils and demons nd gods we work with are intelligent and wise which a hivemind cannot be since a hivemind is only driven by lizard brain which is only capable of impulsivness and instinctual drive. A hivemind cannot truly think but rather follows a mindless prime directive like a robot without ai programmed to do a menial task like wash dishes.

In conclusion anything with intellectual conciousness in this case us and the dieties we work with cannot be hive minded and anything with any intelligence cannot be hive minded and therefore no god can be hive minded.


I actually had a vision in a dream which illustrated to me how all gods and divine figures are connected, each occupying a corner/dimension in a collective of intellect (it’s impossible to describe now even though it was really easy to comprehend when I was there, like a ha, of course!). I wouldn’t say hivemind or if I do I would also agree that the form is incapable of action, which is why the beings emanate into their personae as we know, and make decisions of different agendas. However that would serve as the mechanism for the beings to have multiple facets, to preserve true divine knowledge and for new persona to emerge adapting to human’s need and perception.

So I would disagree that the hive form is absolutely inferior. Though I doubt anyone likes to be in it.

Of course that was my vision but everyone’s free to see it as bogus.


I do basically agree with OP.

Egregores can be extremely smart though, and every bit as real as other spirits. They are alive, once they reach a certain point of complexity, and have the same desire to keep living, preferring some things and avoiding others, needing to feed and seek out experiences etc.

A spiritually literate society would look on our current treatment of egregores much as we now look back on bear-baiting and other atrocities born of selfishness and ignorance.


Yeah, but getting them there sure isn’t easy. If it was I would have already done it.