The Fall of Lucifer

My best friend had gave me an answer a while ago about the fall of Lucifer, and I thought it was a good idea to share his response

“Lucifer (as many people know him) is a being that is known as an angel, a demon, and to some, a god/goddess. It depends on your perspective and the deific mask that you’re looking at, but to make things simple, he’s a demon. The story of him giving humanity the power of good and evil (knowledge) is true. Same goes for all the entities that taught humanity forbidden knowledge. However, the whole story about him being jealous and wanting to be higher than God/like God, being kicked out of Heaven, deceiving and hating humanity, wanting them to be damned into Hell with him, is false. Their “fall” was more like an evolution that Christians gave them on silver platter. They left by choice, Just as Lucifer said in the story of the Infernal Empire.”


Yep Lucifer has confirmed all of what you said to be true. He’s passionate about knowledge and wants us to learn as much as we can to liberate us from being controlled by any religion. Knowledge is freedom, which is why religion fears it.


I’m glad that Lucifer has told you and others as well the truth/his side. I truly respect him and I’m glad he exists :leaves:


It’s ridiculous how churches have people terrified of eternal Hell! There are some christian churches that believe that those who don’t believe in and worship Jesus are damned to Hell. lol
Same way they try to terrify with Lucifer and demons. ‘shakes head’
It would be hilarious to see the surprise on their faces when they finally see the truth because it’s not like what they assume.


I agree with everything you say. I want people to know the truth but unfortunately, too many people are too afraid of the truth/the unknown that they only stick with what they’re familiar and comfortable with, which makes me narrow minded. They’re just like brainless sheep in a way (not to be harsh about it), but they blindly follow the beliefs of Christianity that has been changed and written so many times that the Bible today is nowhere near the true Bible
It would be nice if many people knew of the ‘Book of Enoch’ as it is the truth about angels, demons, and egregores


Yes, @anon83326829, a favorite phrase in the bible is that of the shepherd and sheep, with Jesus being the shepherd and the masses of people being the sheep. Sheep follow without questioning and aren’t known for their intelligence.


Lucifer is nothing more than the 4th Angle going into 1st Angle, Air into Earth.
It has been demonized by society because this is the only way one transcends the mind and achieves liberation, enlightenment, nirvana, etc.


I can truly understand that all that has happened was meant for the betterment of those who are aware and wanted to achieve such higher vibrations/sense of self. We can be thankful for such matters, right?

It has been done, so only the bravest can achieve liberation. Because it will literally envolve death and torture pain to a degree that even the worst wars in the world have not yet reached that level of suffering. Is is beyond pain.


Lucifer once told me in the past that it’s indeed true. He left to help humanity achieve its end goals, which is godhood (or at least, what we call godhood)


Ll agree with a few of what youve said on him giving Godhood , knowledge but ll correct and say Lucifer is indeed a fallen angel .
There are ways to verify , Orobas is the best choice .
When you evoke demon orobas youll notice a mark on his lower stomach , he truthfully stated he was pierced by angel Michael in the war in heaven when he was cast off with lucifer and the rest .
Beelzebuth also states that he was a sephira in heaven before he was cast down.
Lucifer is a fallen angel but it is also right to know that he isnt today what he was then .
He is much stronger ,wiser and i doubt if that war recurred it would have the same outcome .
All in all he is powerful and has many masks ,great leader of the infernal empire ,hail Lucy


Who cast them off from heaven?

That’s actually quite possible as growth usually happens after pain and through it. A blind content, safe, etc sheep has no need to go anywhere being fed safe and secure.

The tortured endless wandering combatant always seeks and fights onward to its last breath and beyond transcending personal layers of hell. And some decide to plummet back into those lower levels deeper and deeper again and again until mastery is achieved and they are nothing.

But does it all pale compared to the Anu or Omni or w/e that started it all? Does battling it and ALL in its domain equal an individuals end into the void.

All I hear on the radio is again a council, life review, nothing but love and vibration and all knowledge of a spiritual family. Not exactly a traditional heaven but a supposed absolute awe, happiness, love, knowledge thing. Sounds like too much contentment.

The journey, and pain of that provides purpose imho.

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We are all on a path to knowledge, its how u use it that counts. Knowledge and truth are some of the oldest virtues. What is the real absolute truth? Knowledge is power and i am on a quest for knowledge.


Do you guys talk about this without problems with Lucifer? When I asked him about this he didnt want to give the details of what happened. He gave me the big picture tho…

The point is that there is no going back… once you give up being god’s slave, eventually he will have to accept the idea of not being a lonely god anymore…


I felt the need to add… I really feel the term “fall” is so wrong and again it’s what the christians labeled it as. I say He LEAPT towards free will!



So named “fallen” didn’t fall. They went “down” on their own.


Lots of good perspective given here so far. I think it should be added that among many of those who look at spirituality from a metaphysical standpoint, I would also include the notion that heaven and hell so called are not geographical places but instead are as states of mind and states of being and ones present circumstances. Example: one is in heaven to the degree that one recognizes himself one with the divine source. And likewise one experiences hell if one feels separate from good or source. Who here hasn’t experienced hell on earth for that matter? Likewise through spiritual practices it’s likely many if not most here have tasted heaven/bliss, nirvana or whichever term suits you best.

I’m a left hand practitioner now; however, in the past as Christian I subscribed to the teachings of the various new thought branches of Christian faith. So metaphysics have long been integrated into my life long before the transition into left hand path. What caused the changeover for me was the fact that certain bible passages no matter through whatever form of positive Christianity cannot ever be viewed anywhere but disgusting, see much if not most of the Old Testament by means of example.

Lucifer to me is representing the true nature of divine wherein nothing but the good is. He (Lucifer) is the God I’ve always hoped for but could never find in organized religions. His “fall” if any was only so that he could lift mankind up, up into knowledge and the freedom and liberation that come with it.

Hail Lucifer / Hail Satan!

In Godlike power, all the best!


Lucifer explain his fall in this channel session with Pamela Aaralyn in the first half hour of this Q and A with him. If you evoke Lucifer and ask him about Pamela Aaralyn and this channel session, he will 100% confirm it as the true story of him.

Channeling of Lucifer.


I would rather offer the term “Free Angel” to describe Lucifer.

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