The Fabulous Wolf's Journal

Hello my lovelies, recently I have been quite a book worm on this site when it came down to reading other people’s journals. I find them to be fun to read and can really kill some time. As you can tell by my title of this topic, im going to go all out there with a Journal of my own​:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:.

This will allow me to contribute more to the community and it will be a great activity for me to do. I can’t wait to share everything I know, am learning, or just coming across with all of you wonderful peoples. This community really makes me happy, it’s my only safe haven in my life at the moment. So I intend to do all I can for it. Anyhoo enough of me ranting about how much I like the community (I could do it all night​:grin::grin::grin::grin:).

This Journal will include
*My personal handmade Spells
*Tutorials on various subjects
*My favorite songs or songs I use in my Practice
*Any Spiritual Experiences I have
*Updates on my day to day life
*Lycanthropy Magick
*Photos of anything I wanna share
*Messages I receive from spirits/entity/demons/etc that I want to share
*Animal-Related Magick
*My personal views on Magick, demons, angels, etc
*More information on myself as I come to know myself and my mind better

As you can see there is quite a lot and I’m sure I’ll end up adding more topics in here over time. I plan to keep this little journal of mine going for as long as I possibly can or until I run out of stuff. So I hope you all will enjoy this, I’ll be making my first update to it tomorrow.


Lycnthorpy magic? I’m intrigued my fellow moon walker


Lycanthropy is of my interest too as follower of Goddess Lykania


Now I wanna start off by saying I may split each of my topics into their own thing. I’ll dedicate say a week to one topic or a couple days to another. That way the information stays organised. It takes me time to write long posts that are informative and worded correctly when it comes down to me explaining things. Let me know what you guys think. I’m going to start with Lycanthropy, so here’s the first post. Enjoy.

             Introduction to Lycanthropy

Lycanthropy is quite an uncommon form of magick. From what I gathered on this site, very few practice it, nor are there many topics about this form of magick as there are on subjects such as Vamprism or spirit communication.

My views on Lycanthropy are that it is a tool, and a weapon to use with wisdom and knowledge. Otherwise not only could it potentially harm you but it could very well harm someone else in the process. When I apply Lycanthropy to my Practice or daily life, I use it mainly as a tool. Never a weapon. Now you wont physically change into a wolf. But you can astrally and you will mentally. It’s more energy than it is a transformation.

When I shift my mental state into that of a wolf, I envision the strength, wisdom, and power of the wolf filling my body. My astral form transforming into that of a wolf. My physical strength, will power, and wisdom increase drasticly. And no, I don’t mean I turn into the fucking hulk when my physical strength increases. I mean the energy I have stored up inside heightens to the point it feels as if I had drunk twenty Red Bulls.

But im sure if someone wanted to start a fight with me while I’m in this state wouldn’t live to see the light of day. They’d end up with a broken bone…or six.

If you have ever had an adrenaline rush, this state certainly feels like that. Not as extreme, but it will certainly put a pep in your step.

Now on to wisdom. It’s short and simple. You tend to make better choices and apply knowledge to situations rather than dive head on without any thought, as the majority of people tend to do. I find you only gain this benefit if you can control yourself from giving into anger.

Will power is short and simple as well. You will becomes as hard as steel. It would be extremely challenging to break your mentality.

While all these are amazing benefits to shifting there are some disadvantages. Hatred, bloodlust, violence, loss of control, animalistic behavior. These tend to only take place if someone can’t control themselves.

Hatred, violence and animalistic behavior are pretty much self explanatory. If you guys wish for me to go into depth about these two things I’ll edit this post.

Bloodlust: If one who had a deep hatred and anger locked up inside them, they would most likely go about causing arguments and violent confrontations with everyone around them. You become the purely aggressive animal that you are.

I not only use Lycanthropy magick for strength but I also utilize it for enchanting. When I’m in this state I simply need to hold the object I want charged or enchanted, and I focus my breath. My heartbeat. And I visualize the wolf energy inside me flowing through my body, into my arms and hands and then into the object.

I also incorporate Lycanthropy-like deities and entities into this form of magick. It works wonders. Below are a list of feelings/symptoms you may have while using this energy.

  1. A tingling or heavy feeling in your chest area
  2. Strange cravings for raw meat or even animals
  3. Increased Strength
  4. Heightened Senses
  5. Dog-like qualities, such as being sensitive to every little sound you hear.
  6. Anger/Hatred
  7. Bloodlust: Your gonna wanna bite and tear everyone around you to shreds
  8. Violent outbursts
  9. Adrenaline Rush
  10. You feel as if you can take on the world
    These are all the symptoms I have displayed while working with Lycanthropy energies.

There is much to discuss and talk about when it comes down to this form of magick. I intend to go further into depth with this in the near future as well as give you all rituals and spells to use if your interested in Lycanthropy.


Playlists #1

Loss of Life


Lightning Field

Every You Every Me


Just a few songs of mine that I enjoy. I’ll post five songs along with my main post each day. Loss of life and System are perhaps my favorites in this playlist.

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I’ve send you a PM
Got some material you might like

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People mostly think that Lycanthropic transormation is a physical thing while it is actually your energetic and auric body that transform at that moment.
it is very primal and opens up the deepest, rawest sexual energies and instincts inside of you in order to unleash your most brute and bestial sides.
The energy itself is very dense and i expierienced it as if it was some kind of thick energetic paste i swallowed.
The area around my throat and chest (throat and heart chakra included ofcourse) were very activated during the ritual and i had fallow tendencies.

Lilith and Hekate (Lykania, her wolf/dog side as @Rav mentioned) are great entities to guide you through Lycanthropic workings.

Highly recommended for those who need to balance, unleash or explore their male side/male energies.


Today I’m just gonna be posting a little more information about myself. Im currently working on putting together a post that includes a few Lycanthropy rituals. That will probably be my last post in the subject, then ill move on to different ones. This below is a little Q/A I put together myself, so enjoy.

Q: Favorite Animal?
A: I love Ravens, Wolves, and Bearded Dragons

Q: Favorite Food?
A: Does sugar free gum count?:joy:

Q: Your Patron?
A: I currently have no Patron, but I starting to form a bond with Lucifer​:grin::grin::grin::grin:

Q: Your Matron?
A: Don’t have one

Q: Hobbies?
A: I like listening to music, making some magickal stuff, and playing with my :cat:

Q: Favorite Band?
A: Nirvana

Q: Favorite Superhero/Villian?
A: Jean Grey

Q: Sexuality?
A: I’m the gayest wolf on this planet​:laughing::laughing::rainbow::rainbow:

Q: Favorite Form of Magick?
A: I enjoy love magick, enchanting, and Candle magick

Q: Favorite show/Movie?
A: American Horror Story

That’s it for now, I might make more of these in the future. Hope you guys liked it.


I’m sorry for posting this later than I wanted to. Been having terrible headaches for a while. Becomes hard to write stuff. Now this may be the last ritual related to Lycanthropy I share, I really want to get into other things here first. Maybe later down the line, I’ll post more Lycanthropy related things. Anyway here’s the ritual.

Lycanthropy Ritual

Now I only possess two rituals in this form of magick. Iv never had a need to use any other one due to the potency of my own. Now I won’t list the second one simply out of respect for the guy who gave it to me.

This ritual is simple and easy. First Id get several silver or white candles and place them into a circle around you. You can skip this step if you wish. It’s completely optional. Next you would get into a meditative state. Once you are begin to focus on your being, your form, posture, mindset, emotions. Breath in and breath out. Visualize silver energy coming down from the sky, into you. Feel this energy fill your body.

Visualize your form changing, bit by bit your body shifts into that of a wolf. Your teeth become sharper. Fur begins to grow. Feel rage and pain within you, allow it to release, and as it does, so does the mindset you had before. With every exhale, see red energy coming out and changing into silver, then with every inhale, feel the energy come back inside.

Continue doing this for several minutes. You’ll know when it’s worked when you feel an odd sensation in your chest and third eye area. You’ll also feel primal, the animal inside is unleashed. You’ll feel a multitude of emotions, ranging from pure rage, to pure calmness. It all depends on your mindset from before.

Now usually I only use this ritual to shift my vibration and mindset into that of the wolf, to enchant objects with Lycanthropy energies. But im sure anyone can adapt this ritual and its outcome to their needs and desires.

It also might help if you work with a wolf-related deity. I personally don’t just yet. Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this, and I hope it helps you in some shape or form. If you have any questions about the ritual, don’t be afraid to ask​:slight_smile::slight_smile::wolf:

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I have noticed its hard for me to stay on track when it comes down to me making posts here, so I made a little list of things I plan to do the coming days. This will help keep me focused, and organized. I know this isn’t the best of what im capable of posting, but my anxiety and stress is through the roof😒. So this is easier to do at the moment.

Sunday: Tour of my Altar/ A bit of info on it
Monday: Guide on how to make Love Powder
Tuesday: More Songs/Songs I relate to various Entities
Wednesday: Guide on how to make a Herb Drying Box
Thursday: My real name Reveal :slight_smile:
Friday: Undecided


My dear Fenris, I’ve realised that according to your explanation, I have experienced lycanthropy without knowing that the experience could be called like that. I never associated it with wolves, since it started happpening since I was initiated into psychic vampirism, and has been always something that happens to me when it needs to happen. I’ve found that invoking a character or arquetype (chaos magick style) that has bloodlust, but that is classy at the same time (a vampire aristocrat, a well educated torturer, etc) greatly helps in order to tame that power. With time, the control becomes natural, I even sometimes mix the lycanthropy state with invoking characters that are insane (tremendous bloodlust that goes even against themselves), but I’m so accustomed to the feeling that I just let the sensations flow through me without harming anybody.


This is my Altar. It’s a work in progress clearly. On it, I have a couple oils, some crystals, a pocket knife, a zen garden, and a few other things. I dont have a deity or spirit I work with, once I do I’ll change my altar up a bit to better match the entities correspondances and things they like.


What you will need for the love powder:

1.A knife

2.One small Red or Pink Candle

3.Ashes from a love-related incense such as Rose or Mango

4.Dragons Blood or Rose Oil

5.A few Rose Petals

First you will start off by carving the words Romance and Love in the candle. Throughout this entire process you will need to feel what love feels like to you. Your going to pour this energy out into the powder.

The next step is grinding the candle into powder. Use the knife for this, id get a small or large container to store this powder. Once you have completed this step you would then move on to adding the Incense ashes and Rose petals.

Mix them well into the powder. Once this is done, add either three drops of Dragons blood oil or three drops of Rose Oil. Gently mix this into the powder as well. You may call upon any spirit or deity you wish to help power your powder, or you can just stick to the energy you put into it.

This powder can be placed on candles(since its basiccly just crushed up wax), in or on Voodoo dolls, in Mojo Bags, used in offerings, spells, rituals, etc. I find it works great in making love talismans or Witch Bottles. Here is a picture of the outcome of the Powder I made.


Playlist #2

  1. Hospital of Souls
  2. Sleepwalking
  3. Desire
  4. How Soon Is Now
  5. Become the Beast
    I relate the 5th one to Beezlebub
    The third one gives me Lilith vibes
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Herb Drying Box

I have found several websites that say if you want to dry herbs you have to either put them in a oven or hang them upside down. These methods take alot of effort. And if im being honest, I can be a lazy son of a bitch. So I introduce to you, how to make a herb drying box for lazy sons of bitches😁.

What you will need is some type of metal or tin box that closes. Such as an altoid Box altoids-tin

I have also used juice fruit gum boxes, these work well for bigger herbsSX355

Once you have that, you can start putting your herbs to dry inside of them. I would recommend that you leave the herb(s) in your box for at least two weeks give or take. Check on them every four days to make sure they are drying okay. If they are stuck to the bottom of the box, flip them over so you can drain the rest of the oil.

I have had great success with this. Anyway that’s it for today.

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My Name Reveal and my Next List of Posts

Friday: Tour of my magickly items. Such as all my herbs, crystals, powders, voodoo dolls, etc.
Saturday: Taking a Break.
Sunday: My Work and experinces with Beelzebub thus far.

Welp, my real name is Sebastian but everyone I know just calls me Seb. Im finished for today I guess. Eventually down the line, I’ll share a photo of what I look like. :slight_smile:


You have excellent taste in music.

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And excellent taste in demons


Could you elaborate on this when you’ve got the time, please?

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Interesting, we’ve also been experiencing astral lycanthropy without intending to, and we have vampirism (the condition, not the practice). We’ve toyed with the idea that it happens because of our vampirism. It forces itself on us periodically; we don’t choose to shift.