The Experiment

I’m always looking for fresh new ideas, and this morning around 4 a.m. an idea came to me. I would like to earn more money per month, but right now the only place I have the privacy to perform any rituals is in the solitude of my head. So, I thought if the physical world is affected by the higher dimensions, then why not imagine the rituals?

I began focusing my mind on the green candle ritual for money & what I would like to experience. Seeing, feeling, smelling, and even hearing the candle flame burning. I held this for about a quarter of an hour before dozing off back to sleep. When I woke up, the flame in my mind was still burning, so I closed the ritual and began my day.

Even now as I write this, just remembering it brings the live image of the burning candle to mind. I’m curious to explore this further and encourage others to try and see how it benefits your workings. I should add that idea came to me from some of the kind advice I’ve received on this forum.

It should be interesting to hear of results you receive as fbdk from this (not “if success” as above shows some discoveries … once it settles and sprouts…)

The possibility of connecting that “mental-structure” to a pt in the room- ie just pick a spot (could have a card ~bar coaster, to "X marks the spot), and then sense whatever stability of presence you’ve experienced (in mind- as you mention above, first step is a persistence ‘Form’ -second is a presence and affect of that Form).

Then the poss of that “stability of presence” from mind radiating via resonance from that Spot.
[allows concrete interaction- affecting you directly and you “it” directly- also translates that Energy to your Enviroment (vs it having to go from “mind-freq” and reach all the way to affect the phy-world/probability lines) - but then to contrast this linking to/thru a Spot, to have that sense of this Mind-Form (stage 1&2) and have it ‘reach all the way’ to affect the phy, vs via the translation of the spot.]

hope that’s not too much all at once, tried to pack a few layers there- either way luck in your discoveries.

Some of the most ‘potent’ rituals I’ve done have been totally impromptu.

I’m talking sitting on the floor, tracing a circle of ‘light’ energy around me with my finger after some heavy meditations. Getting myself deep into trance, and having spirits walking right up to me and touching me.

Once I performed the LBRP while lying in bed using my hands, and had Auriel come sit on the corner of my bed and give me advice.

I also seem to be able to get some minor results by performing the structuring exercise(still working my way up on that totem pole, I’m no pro yet).

My favorite impromptu exercise so-far is from the Mastering Divination course, where E.A. suggests getting yourself into T/G and walking around the city and structuring spirits. If you can keep your cool doing that ritual with all the distractions, you’re ready to take on the world.

I’m in your boat, not alot of ‘space’ to do rituals, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that a grilled cheese sandwich tastes just as good as a steak when a man is hungry enough.

In my case doing the Hecate LBRP works perfect even not moving a finger…

If you want practice in your mind this way

The Hecate LBRP is reffered in a few books this way…
For the use of words of power some consider it “white” but indeed is both at the same time…

This are the steps…( imagining or doing in real time )
Incense burning…

DESCENDAT COLUMBA! ( poiting the athame up to the sky, feeling the Uranus Energy descending )
ASCENDAT SERPENSSSSSSS ( poiting the athame down from the genitals and UP to the sky )

With the sword, or Athame poiting up says…
IIIIIIIII poiting with the Athame the third eye or crown chakra ( depends on ur system of beliefs )
AAAAAAAAAAAAAA pointing the Athame on the chest…
OOOOOOO ( guthural expression with OOOOOOO in the throath poiting the athame in the genitals )

…now the astral alarm to retire from ur surroundings any unwanted force…

HEKAS HEKAS ISTE BE BE LOI ( pron. ( Like Pronoun HE, KASS ( like ass )
iste like “isshhtar” be like ( beh ) and loi just like LOW…

This create and fire astral alarm and the entire universe retires from urself…

Counter clockwise around the incense…saying…

I consecrate this circle in the powerful name of the Hecate Goddess ( tree times… or the times the energy moves u )

finishing the round about at the moment of point to east say


Now the calling of the watchtowers…

NORTH : DIMGALI ( BITCH HEAD ( female dog term ) )

The calling is this…for each watchtower…

ORKIZO! ( name of the watchtower ) REMEMBER UR VOTES AND SIT IN THE THRONE PREPARED FOR YOU ( see the entity sit down giving you his/her back poiting to the cardinal point )

after the rotation on each cardinal point say…

we can consider

the effects of banishing starts in 5 minutes and the place is cleansed at least for 18 hrs…

The HEKAS HEKAS conjuration ( not incantation ) is a well preserved word of power not revealed to general public including some occults circles in minor grades, because of its energy flow…the moment you say it something changes…a shockwave of energy from below and above rises on you…powerful word…

Test it in your imagination…will give u great results as me…later go on real perform…


That banishing is from Jason Miller’s book, ‘Sorcerer’s Secrets.’

Wow! This is fantastic! I expected that I might be shot full of arrows delivering the messages of something like, “Keeep your Shakti Gawan visualization shit to yourself!”

I’ve read the Shakti Gawan shit, and practiced it religiously for years, and… nothing to report.


This afternoon, when I came home from work and lied down to meditate, (mommy & Babyman! were away so daddy could meditate). My imaginary green candle was burned 1/3 down while the thought-form sat on my diningroom table, as how I imagined what taokua suggested.

I decided to include a few other aspects of my life I wanted to change, which were also related to my increased income. I’ll update as that becomes relevant.

I didnt get from that book
but its true too…

I use the time right before I got to sleep (the natural t/g state time) to speak to all that walk with me. I start with the Ancestors, and work my through them all. My met tet first, then Legba and through him,the 2 others that are with me.

I imagine up the kind of shrine or an altar I would make if I had unlimited resources for each one and then I get to communicating. Sometimes I go to sleep but they actually pull me back up or I start dreaming the ritual. I have drawn so much closer to them since I started this and I am seeing results so I know its working.

I find myself really looking forward to this time. I am going to try the impromptu mind ritual now too. Such a great idea, especially when you have people coming and going all day and you cant say “Oh just give me half an hour to go to my hidden altar and do some elevation with my Spirits…” :wink:

[I myself happened to “read the Shakti Gawan shit, and practiced it religiously for years, and…” - I had success, but I’d been doing that along with other “energy-type” workings]

  • I think the “framing” that has happened about Creative-Viz into what is now just short-termed “manifesting” seems to shortcircuit the technique/ make it disconnect to “modern-understanding” … ex Ophiel’s bk on the subject: in another thread one stated nothing in that they haven’t read elsewhere… and yet - if you watch recent NB&EA interview video “St Germain” part goes 13mins or so, and then…

<the possibility and impact of that sense-of-Other once it is Placed and begins to resonate from there, sort of un-balances the current sit, but is it just experience in the room, or in one’s life.>

The comment by Sammiejam about spending some time with each (of the chosen focuses one has, “all that walk with me”- neat phrasing, but even if just energies… choosing the seq/ relation between in ea, and then one-by-one just briefly Contact… over time
(ex see Napoleon Hill’s “Invisible Coucilors” tech- more implied than said, espec as presented in Self-help -how much he learned from “nonphysical” Contact/allies.)

last thought- the where from this thoughtform came (its substance and/or its energizing-current), a sense of that place [in the same way that other parts of town, let alone other cities/a diff country, have a different feeling), how that feeling-mixes with the “feeling of where you are” (and whether it seems to “appear” or if you open the Window affect and it glides through, like thru a Portal. Each reveals a different interaction.

(and imparts "Consciousness" like the 2nd type of info EA refers to that comes in Evo in the Bael Prophesy YouTube..  these "lab-expers" of opening-mixing your Mind/Enviro  also input beyond the seen.. in the same way that Evocation gives more than the Words and what is seen from the Entity evoked.)