The "Evoking Eternity" system

Just curious, do most of you people use the methods in E.A.'s “Evoking Eternity” to contact spirits, wondering because i am putting the key items necessary to do it (waist high altar, sterling silver chalice, and 6 inch athame). It seems very revolutionary, as there is no talk about magical hours or astrology in the book.

I can’t talk for most people outhere but i personally Love how E.A make things so Simple in his Evocation System, i have my own System i used , based on my Experience and other things, but The System of E.A help me to Learn that Magick is Simple, so i am very Grateful to Him.

If you haven’t developed your own system, and are planning to use the EE system, use everything in it. It’s isn’t all necessary, you don’t actually need a circle or an altar or an athame or any of it to perform a successful evocation, but you don’t want to go into with the mindset of “I don’t have this or that so it won’t work”, so it’s best to go with everything it says until you develop your own system.
Personally, I use the framework from EE except I’m not as strict. So I use a circle (since I really like mine), I use and Athame that was personal to me, I use a simple bowl that I picked up from a supermarket and I use a censor and some candles. That’s the bare necessities. And I find it works great, all that stuff there is used to help you get into the theta state, once you get there on your own it’s not needed, only preferred by yourself.


I read that the kind of system E.A describes is called Modern Evocation, if you use all kinds of things in it following some specific system then its Traditional Evocation :slight_smile:

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