The evocation of angels on the LHP

Koetting here discuss about the black magician summoning or working with angels.

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What is the point of this post? Did you have a question?


I like listening to E.A. speak. He did a great job in this clip explaining some of the ethical differences between to the LHP and RHP.

But I do wonder what the post was about :thinking:.

I consider it to be a relevant question. For instance I work magick in a elemental balanced demonic circle and I have a Luciferian version of the Triangle of Manifestation (Azazel is written instead of Michael). Can I invoke an angel in that triangle? Is it to betray demons if you work with angels?

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Yes I have and I don’t feel Koetting answered it in his video.

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I don’t see it as a betrayal… you’re the Magician that means you’re the boss. What you say goes. If I had demons misbehaving or demonstrating an attitude problem about it. We’d have a discipline session… attitude adjustment…

You’re fine to evoke anything you want. That’s your perogative.

Look at it from reverse if you perform the LBRP with angels do they get mad and feel betrayed you’re summoning a demon?

These are MY angels my Awesome angels there down for whatever.

Now there are certain entities that do not get along well together. Let’s say Azazel and Archangel Raphael. Evoking both together would be like two cats inside a pillow case, or celebrity death match.

Common sense must prevail.


it doesn’t matter. It’s not a good vs evil or black vs white thing. It’s all gray at best.


This is an issue of subjective human judgement. You have to decide what your own values are and make up your own mind.

Personally, I don’t think in these dualistic, religious and dogmatic terms, I think “angels” and “demons” are false labels, and reality is far more nuanced and complex. It’s like saying “all pygmies live in the jungle and hate cities” - it’s blatantly human assumption and the oversimplistic thinking of an uneducated mind.

I look at the Solomonic way of constraining some entities with others with two main theories:

  1. Fear-based distrust of your own ability and power, combined with fear of the entity you want to talk to. The approach then is to try to cage the target entity, like looking at a lion in a zoo.
    I find this weak and unsovereign, you diminish yourself by refusing to give yourself credit as the the most powerful being in the room, which you always are, because they are feeding on your energy to manifest in the first place. This is the power of fear.

  2. Religious influenced assumption, also fear based, about demons being only evil, and angels being protective. It’s less a betrayal of them as much as you. It’s part of teaching you to believe what you are told and restrict access so its harder or impossible to find out for yourself, imo.

In my recent travels I can think of 2 examples:
a) In DH Thornes Shadownomicon, the instruction include a variant of the protective light, using a candle charged with the moon. IME that was completes unnecessary clutter. Again, fear based.
The shadow beings manifest just fine using the occult light given off from me by the very fact that I’m a living human. They didn’t care about the candle, but it bothered me as it was too bright and too “noisy” in a working that is all about yin darkness and subtlety.

b) In Andrieh Vitimus’ Sorath ritual set in the 2nd BALG anthology, he discovered that evoking Michael was found to be insulting, and evoking the positive side of the sun to protect from the dark sun was a waste of time.

Yes. It a triangle of manifestation.

So, I do follow other’s rituals sometimes that are Solomonic-influenced, which includes EAs work, like following a baking recipe straight-up the first time. When I understand the dynamics I start editing, sometime mid-ritual, to get the energy flows that I want.
But more and more I make my own rituals that work with my values and energy. Once you get the idea something exists and is possible, you can run with it.


Given LHP and RHP are pretty useless creations, you’re just a practitioner working with demons and angels, that’s all. Neither of them care as much as some people about being LHP or RHP so them seeing it as betrayal is probably laughable for them at best.


This post really doesn’t seem to add anything to the forum that hasn’t been discussed already. Why post it?

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I walk the Left Hand Path. I seek power in all its forms. I currently work with angels.

No more needs to be said.